Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mollie Lynn 2.5 years old

Mollie Lynn you are 2.5 years old!

What have you been up to these days?

Mollie Lynn, my sweet beloved daughter. I cannot believe you are already 2.5 years old. Some days I wish and pray that I could just slow time, so that I can savor and relish these fleeting days, and other days I find myself living for nap time and bedtime, wishing that the terrible twos would pass! You are now my middle child and a big sister to Mason! I am so proud of you and love seeing how much you adore your little brother. Mollie Lynn, God is preparing you to do BIG things for Him! You are sugar and spice. You are passionate and yet so tender hearted. You are independent but love to cuddle and need your Daddy. You throw some fierce tantrums and fits, yet give some of the biggest and best hugs I've ever received. You are loud and sometimes even obnoxious at home and the quietest, sweetest little girl at church. You hit your older brother and get sent to time out multiple times a day, yet willingly give up your spoon, ipad, toy or book to him just because you know it makes him happy. You constantly pick your little brothers nose, despite being told to stop a million times a day, yet are the first one to pick up each and every puzzle piece and toy when I ask. My beloved Mollie, we are so thankful for you and love you to pieces!

You are potty trained as of 2 years and 4 months. You were showing all the signs that you were ready to potty train, except you always fought me about actually sitting on the toilet. Your friend Autumn was potty trained a couple of days before you and I knew that if Autumn could do it, you could too! So I bucked down and got to work. You woke up in the morning and I told you that we weren't going to wear diapers today, only your big girl undies. Oh my, you were not a happy camper. Gabby called to say hi and immediately you got on the phone distraught and upset and said, "Gabby, you have any diapers for me??" It was so funny. You had one accident in the morning and honestly since that time, going on the potty absolutely clicked for you. I reminded you to sit on the potty throughout the day, and over the course of the next week you had a couple of accidents, but otherwise you had done wonderful! You still wear a diaper at night, and haven't conquered pooping in the toilet, but I know it will come with time.

Your favorite foods are milk, lemonade, cheese, yogurt (especially cocoanut Greek yogurt at Gabby's house), and nuts. You love sweets and treats.

You love watching home videos and looking at pictures on my phone. Your favorite video is on Gabbys I-pad and it is of Sophie making a "hhhmmm" sound over and over again.

You talk all the time, and in full sentences at home and with people you are around often, but are very shy and reserved at church and with new faces.

You love to pick out your own clothes and have recently become very opinionated about what you want to wear. You are obsessed with wearing pants that have pockets in them. You love to walk with your hands in your pockets and are even more thrilled when you get a couple of coins to stash away in them. You love to pick out your pajamas for bedtime. I usually don't buy clothes with characters and such on them, however I am totally fine with them being on your pajamas so right now your are lovigpng your purple princess pj shirt.

The past couple of weeks, you also starting to change your clothes probably 3-5 times a day. Thankfully you dress yourself, but you will insist in changing your clothes if they get dirty or wet, so I also feel like my laundry has increased!

You are also very particular about your hair. Right now, all you want is for a simple clip to be in your hair to hold back your bangs. And most of the time you end up pulling it out, resulting in your hair in your eyes. I have dreams of all these adorable little girl hairstyles, and most of the time you want nothing to do with it. I won't give up though! You have beautiful curly, light brown hair.

Your favorite movie is toy story, and your favorite tv shows are Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins.

You are starting to ride the strider bike and are getting much more confident with your balance.

You had quiet the little routine at bedtime. After we pray together as a family, we tuck you into bed and say goodnight. As we are leaving you go through your little 'list' of rules that you somehow thought of yourself. Here's how our conversation goes almost every night:

Mollie: Don't get out of my bed? Me: No, sis stay in your bed.

Mollie: No screaming? Me: yeah, no screaming.

Mollie: No crying? Me: yup, don't cry.

Mollie: Don't throw fits? Me: yes, let's not throw fits.

Mollie: No say poopy butt? Me: (trying not to laugh uncontrollably and wondering where in the world she learned this from!) yes Mollie we never say those words.

Mollie: where are we going tomorrow?

And so this same conversation happens each night, never at naps. You spent the night at my parents one night and Gabby just about lost it :) You are always curious about the plan for the next day, need your favorite purple blanket to be spread across your pillow and a baby doll bundled just right, snuggled next to you.

You are slightly obsessed with your Gabby. When she is around, no one else can do anything for you or hold you. We are so thankful for all your Grandparents!

You want to be a princess when you grow up and your favorite color is pink.

You know all of your colors and most of your shapes. You can count to 15, and recognizes about half of the alphabet. You love to learn, color, do stickers and create crafts!

Your favorite songs are, "Wheels on the bus", "ABC's", and "Old McDonald".

You love to play games and do activities where you sort and organize different things and objects.

Just like your mama, you love back rubs and tickly.

Mollie Lynn, you keep us on our toes and make us fall in love with you more and more each day! You are growing up so fast and I am so proud to be called you mommy.


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