Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mollie 1 year

Mollie Lynn you are ONE year old!

It feels like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital, and overnight I blink and we are celebrating your first birthday. How quickly time flies! You are my princess, my daughter, my baby girl, my sweet sissy. You are sassy, cuddly, slightly dramatic, adorable and kissable. It's hard for me to even put into words how much we love and treasure you. God couldn't have given us a more perfect daughter. You are easy going (most of the time), adaptable and content. I look forward to my days spent just being your Mommy. There's no place in the world I'd rather be, or no thing I'd rather be doing (okay, maybe there are a few things....point aside, I LOVE being your Mommy)! Happy Birthday Sissy girl!

What have you been up to these days?

Weight: 20.9 pounds (48th percentile)

Head circumference: (95th percentile)

Height: (95th percentile)

You are a total Stevens baby...long, lean, and a big head! You still have big, blue beautiful eyes. Everyone comments on how gorgeous your eyes are. Your hair is still very short, but it is coming!! Mommy likes to put headbands on you, but they never last for long. I dream of ponytails, braids and bows!

You got 3 shots at your 12 month check up. You screamed when the nurse gave them to you, but after a sticker and a few licks of a sucker, you were a happy little girl again.

You still sleep for about 12 hours at night, and you take a 3 hour nap each afternoon. If we are just at home, you will sometimes take a short morning or evening nap. It is so easy to tell when you are tired!

You are a great eater! There are foods that you obviously prefer more then others, but you will eat just about anything. At 11.5 months, I started to mix your bottles with half formula and half milk. You are now exclusively on whole milk. You still take your milk out of a bottle. You like when it's warm, but will drink it cold as well. You drink water from sippy cups, and you like to drink from a real cup with help. You also love drinking from a straw.

You sit in your knees all.the.time.

You wear size 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You hate to get your clothes and diaper changed and your face washed. Most of the time you can be distracted with a toy, bottle or boo-boo, but you can sure be dramatic during the process. Lord help us when you are a teenager!

You still only have 2 bottom teeth.

You have been such a Daddy's girl lately. He has been very busy with baseball season in full swing, but anytime he is around, you are always wanting him to hold you and play with you. You love to wear his hats, scratch his beard, and give him hugs.

You love your brother. You want to be doing whatever he is doing. You prefer to play with his toys, and because of that we've put away a lot of your baby toys. When Matthew goes outside without you, you will sit at the door, almost begging to follow.

Your favorite word is "hi". You can also say ma-am, da-da and nana, and uh-oh. You have such a quiet and sweet voice. That's not so true about your cry or scream! You can sign "all done" and "eat". Your favorite time to sign "all done" is when we are changing your diaper!

You know what a airplane, doggie, duck and cow say.

You dont like to be told 'no'. You are quite the determined little girl, and when you want something you will be sure to let us know how badly you want it or that you are unhappy we took it away. This will be a great quality I hope you posses later in life, but good grief it can be a little exhausting to listen to when you are one. Again, we thankfully can distract you pretty easy. Lately you are all about keys, cell phones, and remotes. You like to 'talk' on the phone, and say 'hi' in the sweetest voice!

You like to have someone whisper sweet nothing's in your ear.

You love slides, and have learned how to climb up and go down our outdoor play slide. Again, you are growing up too fast!

You love to climb on the couch and look out the window.

You know where your head is, but will only point to it some of the time when we ask you to show us.

You fold your hands when we tell you that it's time to pray.

Your favorite songs are 'Happy and you know it', 'Patty cake', and 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'.

You take up to 6-10 steps at a time. You've been doing this for quite awhile. I have no doubt that you could be walking full time if you really wanted to. Right now, you still prefer to crawl or walk along furniture.

You love faces and noses. We are having to teach you how to be gentle!

You love to read books and turn the pages by yourself. You love to be read to, but will sit on the floor and take out all the books from the basket and look at them yourself.

You lay your head down on us if we ask you too. It's precious!

We moved into our new house the beginning of April. Both you and Matthew have transitioned great. You now share a room with your brother. I was very nervous about this and how your sleeping habits might change, but all my fears were put to ease. You two love sleeping in the same room, and thankfully you both are on the same schedule and sleep just as well together as you did seperately. Our bedtime routine includes snuggles, tickling, giggling and singing on the extra bed in your room with brother, Mommy and Daddy. We pray, and then put you two in your cribs. The first night you both started to cry as we shut the door. A few minutes later, we were listening to the monitor and we heard Matthew say "Sissy!" Immediately you both stopped crying, as you two realized you were actually together! You both giggled, made silly noises, and jumped around in your cribs for about five minutes before falling asleep. The rest is history!

Happy first birthday sweet baby girl!

We love you more then you will ever know and are a perfect gift that we celebrate and thank God for daily!