Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mollie 19 & 20 months

Mollie Lynn 19 & 20 months

What have you been up to these past couple of months? (Again, llllooonnnggg overdue!)

You are wearing size 18 months - 2T clothes. Both you and Matthew are long and lean. You are slowly catching up to him in size. I've been asked a few times lately if you two are twins.

You still wear size 4 diapers.

You were a puppy dog for Halloween. Matthew knew exactly what he wanted to be for Halloween, but I couldn't find a good coordinating costume to his, and I didn't really know what else you should be for the night. So I decided to take you to Target and let you pick out your own costume. I showed you all the girly cheerleaders, princesses and characters, but as soon as you set your eyes on the puppy costume, your mind was made up!

We officially threw away all your boo boos the beginning of November! It was hard at bedtime for a few nights, but you were a trooper and we got through it.

You LOVE puzzles, building blocks and books. I find you walking around the house with an armful of books, determined to carry them all by yourself.

You have been struggling during car rides. Some days it doesn't matter how many snacks you eat, toys you have or songs we sing, there still is a lot of crying and screaming that takes place in the car.

You love your bro bro, and want EVERYTHING that he has. You always want things to be equal and fair. You are quite the aware little girl and you don't tend to let much get by you.

You're my big helper. You are almost always willing to help me pick up or bring something to me.

We've been working on counting for a long time, but as of 20 months old, you can count to 10!

You want to be a puppy when you grow up!

You love to run, but tend to be pretty clumsy. Whenever you walk or run, you swing your arms in the silliest way.

You are my determined and strong willed little girl.

You are talking so much! You will repeat anything and everything. You draw out your yes/no and say "yyeeeaaaah" and "nnnnnnooo".

You are through and through a Daddy's girl. The way you say daddy has changed. It used to be "daayee", and now you say "daaadee!"

You are our cuddle bug, especially when you first wake up and before bed.

You love looking at pictures and photo albumns. When you walk down the stairs at Gabby's house, you love to look at all her pictures, and point out and name people.

You love the church nursery and playing with all of your friends.

We love you Sissy girl!!