Tuesday, May 15, 2012

14 months

Matthew Jay you are 14 months old!

What have you been up to these days?
(Matthew is almost 15 months...I wrote this post last month, but we've been up to our ears in a busy boy and a new baby that I am just getting around to posting it now!)
I can hardly believe it, but this is the last monthly post I will do before you are a big brother! Your baby sister will be arriving any day. Whenever we ask you where baby sister is, you point to your own belly. Oh sweet little boy, you have no idea what is going to be happening!
You are still wearing size 4 diapers and anywhere from 12-24 month clothes. You wear size 4 shoes.
You still take 2 naps a day a sleep for 11-12 hours at night.

Daddy and I are having an absolute blast with you. We were talking last night, and saying that as much as we enjoy the baby stage, each moment with you as you get older and more interactive is so much more fun!

I feel like overnight you have turned the corner into being a little toddler. I love experiencing the world through your eyes. I love your smile and all your kisses and hugs. I love how you seem to learn something new every day. I love the good and the bad. I love the fits that you are starting to throw when we take something away from you. Thankfully they are fairly infrequent and you get over them quickly!  I love how excited you get and run to the garage door when I tell you that Daddy is home. I love all the words that you are starting to say. I love your sweet, playful spirit. I love spending my days with you.
You love to play in the car and make car noises.

We haven't had the best weather so far this year. I can't wait for more sunshine this summer because you love spending time outside and going to the park! You love to push your big red car around the garage and have Daddy give you rides in it.
You love your new slide! We keep it in your playroom, and you spend a lot of time playing on it. You have learned how to climb up the slide and now you can go down it by yourself.
You discovered the hallway mirror this month, and love to look at yourself in the mirror!
For a couple of weeks, you were obsessed with carrying around a blanket. You would sling it over your shoulders and walk with it around your neck. You kept tripping over it, so we made you a small blanket that was just the right size! You like to put a blanket over your head too, which ends up in you falling over or running into something...silly boy!
Daddy is in the middle of coaching baseball right now. You love going to Daddy's baseball games. We try to go to as many games as possible, but between the wet weather, games that don't start until close to your bedtime, one busy boy who won't sit still, combined with a very pregnant mommy, it makes it tough to be at all the games.  You also like to watch baseball on the TV with Daddy.

A couple of weeks ago Daddy had Spring Break at school. We had such a fun week as a family. Daddy had baseball practice everyday, but he was really only gone during your nap time, so you got to spend all week with him. Grammy and Grandpa got us a zoo pass, so we spent a very fun day at the zoo. We went to the park, and spent lots of time playing and making memories as a family!
 I LOVE weeks like this.

Grammy and Grandpa had Spring Break the week before Daddy has his. We got to spend lots of time playing with them too! I worked a couple of nights during the week, so they watched you during the day while I slept. You love, love, love to spend time with them! Your favorite toys at Grammy and Grandpas house are the swiffers, hand mixer, vacuum, piano, utensil and tupperware drawer, and swing. I think sometimes you forget that you have a whole cabinet full of your own toys too! Last year at a garage sale, I saw this hippie, knit swing for 25 cents and I knew I had to snag it. I can't tell you how many people gave me such a hard time for actually taking the hideous looking thing home. Well, this swing that now lives on Grammy and Grandpa's back porch, is an absolute hit with you. You LOVE to go outside and chill in your hippie swing!

You are starting to climb onto anything and everything you can.
You are all boy and have little bumps and bruises from your head to your toes!
You learned how to play chase.
You love to dance. You either bounce up and down, or your clasp your hands and swing side to side. Your favorite song to dance to is the "Hot Dog Song" from Mickey Mouse.

You are so much more vocal lately. You have a little motor mouth, especially when we are at home. You love to squeal and making funny noises! New words you learned this month are: nake (snake), papa, poop, and hi. You say only say "papa" in a whisper tone. It is your new favorite word, and you say it all the time. One night when Daddy was changing your poopy diaper, he asked you if you were poopy, and you kindly responded with the word "poop". Lovely. When you say the word "hi", you say it in a loud voice, with what sounds to us like a Southern accent.

You understand so much more when we ask you a question or tell you to do something. I can't believe how quickly you are learning, and I love to be a part of teaching you!

You are such a happy and content little guy. Your personality is so sweet and endearing. Your smile is absolutely infectious. You are a little ham and love getting attention. Your laughter is contagious.You are such a handsome little boy.
We love you so much, and can't wait to watch you as a big brother!