Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mason Alan 1 year old

Mason Alan you are one year old!!

Mason Alan, you are such a light in our family. Sometimes Daddy and I will be talking on our crazy busy days when it seems like your brother and sissy are fighting and pushing our buttons all day long and we always say "Thank goodness for Mase!" God knew exactly what our family needed when He gave us you! You are happy, laid back, sweet, lovable and predictable. I can't believe you are ONE but I can't wait to see the little boy you are starting to grow in to. We have cherished our time with you this past year and are so blessed to call you our son!

You wear size 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers. You are a solid little chunk!

You're the best sleeper! You usually take 1 nap a day for 3-4 hours. Sometimes you will take a little cat napin the car. You sleep at night from about 7:00pm-7:30am. You sleep unswaddled with 1 blanket, a stuffed animal, your boo-boo, and white noise machine on. After a good night sleep you wake up one happy boy!

You love to eat and will eat just about anything and everything. You love fruit, especially bananas and strawberries. Other favorites are cheese, yogurt, PB toast, and eggs. We have started transitioning you over from formula to whole milk and you have done great. You eat with a plate. You have started to throw food at times. You will just smile when we tell you "no" but generally you obey that, for now anyways!

You love your Daddy. You make the same grunt noise every time you wants to gets daddy's attention. Your entire face lights up in a special way for him. You love to grab his beard, climb on him and show him all your toys. Daddy gives you your bedtime bottle and cuddles. It's a special time you two have been sharing together.

You spend most Fridays with Gabby while Mommy works. You are a happy little boy who loves his Gabby, although you are a total stinker and haven't been napping well for Gabby. It's getting better but you are a tired boy come Friday evening!

You LOVE balls. It's absolutely your favorite toy and your favorite word to say. Anytime you see a ball on the floor, outside, downstairs, a picture of a ball or anything round that might resemble a ball you will say "ball" over and over again. You are obsessed.

Other words you are saying are: mama, dada, dog, bro bro, ba ba (bottle) and nana (banana).

You wave hi and bye. You recently started waving by opening and closing your hand. It's pretty cute.

You sign more, thank you and all done,

When you are excited you get all tense, pump your legs and squeeze your fingers in and out.

You have started making a scrunchy smile face. It's my favorite.

At 11 months and 1 week old you learned how to go from lying down to sitting up on your own.

At 11 months and 3 weeks you finally started to crawl!! You are just starting to get the hang of it, but I know you will be flying in no time.

You have been trying to pull up on furniture but have only pulled up on the couch twice so far. You love to stand holding on to furniture and people though. Your balance is much better, although we can't leave you by yourself yet. Again, I know you will be cruising before I know it.

You love to stand on the couch and look outside.

You're still experiencing separation anxiety. It's really hard to even go to the ymca right now, and about 50% of the time we are called out from church because you won't calm down in the church nursery!

You love to take your socks off in the car.

You have 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth. A few more are starting to come in. You drool more, are a little fussy and have your fingers in your mouth a lot.

You know where your head and mouth are. You like to poke your bro bros belly button.

You lay your head down on us if we ask you too. It's adorable and turns into a fun game!

In about 3 months you are going to be a big brother!

Happy birthday Mason Alan!!