Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 months

We have had such a busy and fun summer! I am so far behind in my blogging, so here's my effort to slowly catching up! Matthew is almost 5 months old, but I wrote this when he turned 4 months and just never published it! I'm still posting it, so I  can remember all these special milestones!

Matthew Jr. you are FOUR months old!

What have you been up to this month??

I feel like every time I turn around, you are learning something new!

We are going into the doctor for your four month appointment a couple weeks late,
so I dont know all your stats once again! You are a big boy, but you are getting much more long and lean!

You still wear size two diapers, and size 3-6 month clothes, and 9 month jumpers and sleepers!

We put you in shoes for the first time this month! They were so stinking cute on you! I don't know why we didn't do it sooner!
You nurse every 3-4 hours during the day. Your schedule and sleep habits are really starting to change! You are having alot more awake time during the day! You usually wake up around 7:30, and are awake for 1-2 hours. Then you will go down for a good 1-2 hour morning nap. Usually you will take another little cat nap around noon. Then you take your afternoon nap around 2:00 for another 1-2 hours. You sometimes have one more cat nap in the evening. We have been starting your bedtime routine of bath, cuddles, and nursing around 8:30pm, then we swaddle you up and kiss you goodnight and you are sacked by 9-10pm. You are still waking up about 4am to nurse...sometimes stretching it to 5am. Of course everyday is a little, sometimes alot different, but this seems to be the schedule lately! You do a great job putting yourself to sleep, but have a tougher time putting yourself back to sleep when you wake up from naps too early. You just think your mom and dad are too cool, and like hanging out with them, huh?!?!?

You have started to rub your eyes when you are tired! It's so cute!

You have been such a HAPPY and content baby lately! We LOVE all of your smiles and giggles! Your whole face lights up when you smile! You know how to melt our hearts!

The car is still a struggle....when will you learn it's really not that bad?!?!?!

You still LOVE your tummy time. You can now roll both ways! You first rolled from your back to your stomach at 3 months, 1 day. It was so cute because when you first learned how to do this, you would get yourself on your side, and kick and kick to get over. Then when you would finally flip, your arms would be stuck down at your side, and you would cry because you would be stuck face down on the floor, until we helped you get your arms up. I'm so amazed at how quickly you learn, because by the next morning, you were slowly learning how to move your arms up, and now you're an old pro at it!
No more leaving you alone on the couch anymore!!

You are such a strong little boy! You have learned how to plank onto your toes and forearms when you are on your tummy. You move and kick your legs like crazy. When you learn that you can move your arms at the same time, I think we will be in trouble, because you will be on the move!
You are starting to learn how to play peek-a-boo!

Your Grammy bought you Sophie the Giraffe. We call it Jo-Jo the Giraffe...Sophie seemed too girlie! This toy is supposedly the hit new toy for babies. I call it the Mill Creek of baby toys. I'm not kidding you, it seems like a plastic dog toy that squeaks, but it cost $25.00!!! Your Grammy says it is her poragative to spoil you...I don't complain! She's convinced that Jo-Jo is going to be your favorite toy. For now, you like to look and suck on him!

You still have to be swaddled and have your binkie when you sleep!

You LOVE to suck on your fingers! You gag yourself sometimes because you try to stuff all 10 of them in your mouth at once!

I love to watch you put your fingers in your mouth, because you will hold them up in front of your face, look at them, and then bring them into your mouth!

I love to watch you start to learn to play with your toys! I will hold them up in front of your face, and you look with amazement at them! Sometimes it seems like you might be reaching for them. I will help your wrap your fingers around them, and then you bring the toy right to your mouth and suck!

You are developing a strong will! You will get upset, and try to roll over when we change your diaper or put you in the carseat, and thats not what you had in mind. You'll have to learn that mommy and daddy have a stronger will and won't let you get away with it!

You had your first trip to the zoo!

You had your first sleepover with your cousins Caleb and Landon!

You love to have books read to you! Your eyes are SO big and observant!

You found your voice the past couple of weeks! You make the sweetest "oohh's and aawww's"

You are the sweetest baby and we love you SOOOOO much!!!