Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Matthew 33 & 34 months

Matthew Jay 33 & 34 months

What have you been up to these past two months? (Wwwaaayyy overdue!)

You wear 2T-3T clothes. Your favorite underwear are boxer briefs, "Just yike Daddy!"

You are still my long and lean little boy. I am always having to buy pants with an adjustable waist, otherwise they fall down!

The weather is getting much cooler, but we try to get outside and play or go for a quick walk as much as possible. If you get too cold, you ask to go back inside.

You loved celebrating Halloween at our church's Trunk or Treat, and spent the entire night in the bouncy house, playing with your cousin and best friend Joshie, and eating way too much candy!

You like to dress up and wear your Buzz Lighyear or Spider Man costume.

You love going to Toddler Time on Fridays. You walk right into class, hang your coat up and put your backpack away. You've been learning so much, even in the couple of hours that you are there. Toddler time wears you out and you are always ready for a good nap afterwards.

Mommy has been going to a chiropractor to help with some back pain. You are so sweet and tender and are always asking me "Mommy, your back hurt? Doctor make it feel better?" You go to Banna's house during my appointments, and love spending this extra time with her. She bought some new tractors for her house that you are pretty thrilled about.

Long overdue, but the beginning of November we officially threw away all of your boo boos.

As of the beginning of November, you are also fully poop trained. You take a lot of pride in telling us or anyone around when you've gone poop on the potty. You had three terrible nap times where you pooped in your bed at nap time and then proceeded to smear it all over and play with it. It was my worst nightmare to walk into!! Thankfully we are over that now.

Every night at dinner you ask Daddy, "How was school Daddy?" You two then have a conversation all about your day. You always ask Daddy if he saw the eagle mascot while he was at school. It's pretty cute to listen to.

You want to be Buzz Lightyear or a garbage man when you grow up.

You can catch a ball that is thrown to you underhand.

You are very into building with blocks and Legos. You love to build boats, towers and space ships. It's so fun to see your imagination take shape!

You are getting very excited about the upcoming holiday season. You don't quite understand everything that is going on, but you are so teachable right now, and LOVE all the festivities that come with this magical time!

You know that Christmas time is when we celebrate baby Jesus' birthday. You also love to tell us who his Daddy and Mommy are.

You are my social little boy and quite the people person. You love being around people and your friends, always want to go here or there and be out and about. You love social situations. One of your most favorite places to go is to church.

You keep asking for snow so that you can play in it. We haven't gotten any yet. I'm waiting too, buddy!

You are going to be a big brother in June!

Matthew Jay, you bring so much joy and laughter to our home. We love you to outer space and back!