Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Matthew 3.5 years old

Matthew Jay 3.5 years old

Matthew Jay, words cannot begin to explain the joy that your bring to our house. You love people fiercely, are a social butterfly, and love meeting new friends. You are emotional and sensitive, and I know that God is going to use these qualities to do great things for Him (although some days I have to remind myself of this over and over and over again!). Matthew, your Daddy and I are so proud of the little boy that you are becoming and feel so blessed to call you our Son!

What have you been up to lately?

You wear size 3-4T. If you had it your way, you would have someone dress you, put your shoes and socks on, and zip your coat for you most days! You aren't all that picky about what you wear, although you adore your Buzz, Ninja Turtle and Batman shirts as of late.

You love ninja turtles and tell us that you want to be one for Halloween. I think this is funny, because you've never watched them before! Daddy loved ninja turtles when he was a little boy too, and Grandma saved all of his old toys, so Daddy is very excited to give them to you when you are a little older. Gabby bought you a ninja turtle t-shirt with all the turtles on it. You think the weapons in their hands are a baseball bat and a jump rope. Keep that innocence bud!!

I hate to admit it, but you love going to McDonalds. I think you are going throug a growth spurt, because you can eat 2 whole cheeseburgers in one sitting!

You love to make silly faces and making sly eyes with your Gabby.

This Spring you mastered riding your scooter and strider bike. In July we went on vacation and you rode a bike with training wheels on it and put together how to pedal and steer at the same time. One day in early August Grandpa and Gabby were watching you and we came home to you riding a two wheeled bike! Grandpa got you a yellow bee bike, gave you a push and off you went! You hasn't stopped riding since! You absolutely LOVE to ride your bike. You and Grandpa are riding buddies and love to head on a trail for a nice long bike ride. Needless to say, your Mommy and Daddy are pretty proud that our 3.5 year old is riding a big boy bike!

You thrive on individual, quality time with Mommy or Daddy. I love going on a bike ride, walk or quick date with just you. We are learning with 3 little kids how important this time is!

You have turned into quite the Daddy's boy lately. You love to surprise him and wake him up in the morning, wrestle, play hide and seek and other fun games. You love for Daddy to pretend sleep and then you do all these silly things to wake him up. You've been shooting lots of hoops with Daddy. When both of you make your shot, Daddy picks you up, twirls around and sings "we did it, we did it!" You also think it's the coolest thing when you and Daddy go potty at the same time (TMI, I know, sorry!) You're taking after Daddy more and more. I love it!

We pray together as a family each night. Both you and sissy take turns saying what you are thankful for. Here's how a recent prayer went: Matthew: Dear God, thank you for Grandpa and Gabby (Matthew looks up and opens his eyes). I love grandpa more. Mollie: No, I love Gabby more. You two went back and forth, until we finally settled on the fact that we love both of them.

Over the summer we have been working on writing your name, as well as your letters and numbers. I love to see you working hard, concentrating and finding such satisfaction. I'm amazed at how quickly you can pick up on different skills and your memory is very sharp. You are one smart kid, who doesn't always love to sit still and focus but you love to learn!

You absolutely love to be outside. You would spend all day outside if we let you. You love going to the park, swinging, riding bikes, playing baseball, doing chalk, swimming, and exploring.

You have gained SO much confidence swimming. You have mastered swimming independently with a life jacket on. You like to jump into the pool to us, and sometimes are okay with going underwater but other times prefer not to. We have had so much fun this summer spending time at the pool!

You are my little social butterfly. You cherish your friends and always look forward to your time with them, You love meeting and making new friends. You absolutely love going to church and being in your class. You are always asking me what the plan is for the day, eager to know what we are going to do or what adventure we have planned for the day. You like to be out and about and on the go.

You are the best big brother. You adore your Sissy. You two play like best friends and fight like crazy sometimes! I love seeing your tender heart towards Mason. You love to talk to him in your sweet, silly voice, Mason loves to watch you. Sometimes you kiss him too hard, but I am so excited to see your relationship with him grow and grow. Matthew, you have been given such a gift in the fact that you love people and have such a sweet, tender heart. I pray daily that God will continue to bless and grow the special relationships that you have with your siblings!

Every nap time and at night we go through the same routine before Daddy or I can leave the room. You check to make sure your fan is on, sound machine is on and set to the right sound, your water cup is filled and on your nightstand, your stuffed hippo chair is at the foot of your bed and completely covered by your smoothed out blanket. You tend to see things in a pretty black and white perspective and like things to be just so. Daddy and I laugh because we walk into your Sissys room to find her sleeping in a bed haphazardly covered with baby dolls, books and multiple blankets scattered around.

Your favorite color is blue.

You love to read books.

You LOVE garbage trucks and watching YouTube videos of them. Thursdays are quite the exciting day around our house because it is garbage day and we get to see multiple trucks pass by!

Your favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins and DocMcstuffins.

You love to sing songs. Some of your favorites right now are Deep and Wide, I'm in the Lords Army, Happy and you know it, and the ABCs.

You love to dance and think of the silliest dance moves possible, which right now includes putting your head between your legs and shaking your booty!

Matthew Jay, I can't believe how much you have grown up over the past 6 months! You are such a special and important part of our family. You bring such joy to our home we love you to pieces Bro Bro!



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