Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mason 5 months old

Mason Alan you are 5 months old!

What have you been up to this month?

I can't believe another month has flown by and you are almost half a year old! Mason, you are pure joy and we cherish each and every day with you!

You are such a content little guy and in no hurry to go anywhere. This month, you finally rolled over for the first time from your tummy to your back! You still enjoy being on your tummy, but eventually you will roll over to your back.

You found your feet and love to play with them!

You love to swing at the park!

You give the best smiles and giggles. You coo, blow raspberries and love to "talk" to someone.

You absolutely adore Matthew. The feelings are mutual because he thinks you are a pretty cool little guy too. Matthew loves to "talk" to you in his best baby voice, show you silly things, rock you and hold you. Although he will kiss you a little too hard sometimes, he is very sweet and gentle towards you. If I go out of the room, he always tells me, "Mom, I'll babysit Mason!" You are one blessed little baby to have such an awesome big brother!

I have to keep a little closer eye on your Sissy when she plays with you. She absolutely loves you, and you love to smile and giggle at her, but she doesn't know her limits or boundaries sometimes. Much to yours and my objection, Mollie loves to pic your nose. It's weird I know, but she is obsessed with your boogers. She loves to be right up in your face, rolls you over onto your tummy, pats your belly too hard, and thinks its funny to take your boo boo and suck on it herself. She kinda treats you like you're her baby doll. She also loves to sing to you, show you toys and hold you. One day, you are going to be thankful for a big sister who protects you, and dotes all over you!

This past month you started solids! This is one of my favorite milestones, because I love watching you experience new textures and flavors. However, you look way too grown up sitting in a high chair. Your first food was avocado. Matthew and Mollie helped to feed you your first bites. You weren't too sure about it the first time you ate, but now you absolutely love solids. So far you eat avocado, banana, peas, green beans, blueberries, sweet potato and brown rice. I make all of your baby food homemade.

You still sleep swaddled and in the basinett in our room. You sleep from about 7:30pm-6:30am. Occasionally you will wake up and need your paci, but otherwise you sleep through the night. You take a morning, afternoon (at the same time as your brother and sister = win!), and a short evening nap.

You love to stand and look around.

Unlike your brother and sister as babies, you absolutely LOVE to cuddle. You are perfectly content snuggled in someone's arms or on someone's chest.

Also unlike Matthew and Mollie you such on your fingers ALL.THE.TIME. You will spit your binkie out in exchange for your fingers.

Mason Alan, I know I say this each month, but you are the happiest, easiest and most joyous baby I could imagine. Your face lights up when you smile. You wake up happy and smiling and go to bed the same way. We are so thankful for you! What a little blessing you are to our family!


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