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Matthew Jay 29&30 months

Matthew Jay 29 & 30 months old

Matthew Jay you are 2.5 years old! What have you been up to these past couple months?

I can't believe you are 2.5 years old! There are some days when I look at you and I absolutely cannot believe how quickly you are growing up into a little boy. You are a ball of personality and good looks! You are feisty and a love bug. You keep me on my toes and wear me out each day. You love people and my prayer for you is that you will grow up into a young man who loves Jesus more.

You still wear size 4 diapers! You're still my skinny boy, so you've stayed in that size diaper for a long time now. You wear 2T clothes.

As of 28.5 months, you are sleeping in a big boy bed! You have never crawled out of your crib, but we just thought it was time to let it go. You have done amazing! We already had an extra double bed in your room, so we just took took one side off your crib, and turned it into a reading nook (it's so cute!), and you sleep on the big bed. You and Sissy have been notorious for little parties in your room before bed, but they only last 5-10 minutes before you go to sleep. The first few days, you got out of your bed a few times. Daddy and I would hear little feet running around upstairs. We would look in the monitor and you would be running back and forth between your bed and Sissy's crib. When we went in your room to end the fun, we found you were getting clothes out of the dresser and filling her crib with them! One night, you go out of bed multiple times when Grandpa and Gabby were watching you, and you almost made Grandpa hand you some real disciple. Thankfully, for Grandpa and Gabby's sake, you went to sleep before it came to that! Your new tricky lately is that you like to crawl into Sissy's crib once you wake up. You two will laugh, giggle and jump up and down for a long time before the whines and cries finally start for us to come get you,

Your sleep habits have not changed and you still sleep about 12 hours at night and take a 2-3 hour nap during the day. You are now to the age where, on special occassions, you can stay up past bedtime, playing with friends or watching a movie with Daddy and Mommy.

Every night we all play, cuddle, and pray on your bed before you and Mollie go to sleep. You and Daddy have the EXACT same conversation every.single.night while we are leaving the room. It's pretty funny, and almost become a new part of our nightly routine. Daddy: Hey buddy, stay in your big boy bed, okay? Matthew: Or else Mommy comes up? Daddy: No, Mommy doesn't come up. Who comes up? Matthew: Daddy come upstairs. Daddy: That's right. And then what happens? Matthew: Get a spanking. Daddy: And what else? Matthew: It will hurt. Daddy: Yeah it would hurt. Hey Matthew, don't talk too much to Sissy. Matthew: you'll take my boo boos? Daddy: Yeah I'll take your boo boos. Matthew: Hey Daddy? Where's Sissy? Daddy: She's in her crib. Love you buddy. Night night. Matthew: Night night.

In July, we spent a week doing VBS at our church. Gabby and Mrs. Pam were your teachers all week. You had a wonderful week full of so many special and fun activities and friends. You still talk about how you got your little snakes at VBS.

Your favorite animal is a snake. You like any and all things snakes. You love looking at snakes at the zoo or the pet store.

When we ask who your best friend is, you say "Joshie". You two are so sweet and playful together and partners in crime, always getting into some kind of mischief.

You love to tickle and giggle with Sissy. You are such a good big brother and love spending time with Sissy. If she is taking a nap at a different time then you, you are always asking where Sissy is, and get so excited to get her up. Of course there are times where you two fight, mostly over sharing toys, but for the most part you play very well together.

You are quite emotional at times (go figure, you are a two year old, right?!?). We have worked very hard to nip the whining and fits, and to encourage first time obedience. You respond very well to consistent discipline.

You still L.O.V.E to play in the car. You and Sissy could spend hours in there if we let you. When we ask you where you are going you always tell us you are going to the park, and taking either Joshie or Mason with you. Your little imagination is soaring lately and I love to see where it is taking you!

The way that you are playing, the things you are playing with and the amount of time you will play with a toy or do an activity are changing so much! Instead of hopping around from toy to toy every 10 seconds, you will actually sit and play something for a good amount of time. Lately, your favorite activities are Legos, play dough, coloring and blocks. You also like to paint, play stickers and build tunnels, tents and ramps to race your cars down.

Lately, you have been very into playing baseball and basketball. On a rare occasion you will ask Mommy to play with you, but the minute (literally!) that Daddy comes home from work you say, "Hey Daddy, you wanna play basketball/baseball with me?" You either pull out your mini hoop and practice your shot, or you get out your bat and ball and Daddy works with you on your swing. Daddy is teaching you how to hit left handed, and I'm pretty amazed at how good of a swing you have right now! Daddy L.O.V.E.S this time with you.

You love to dance and sing songs.

I've only given you vanilla ice cream, but this summer when we went on vacation with Grandpa, Gabby and Banna, you tasted Gabby's chocolate ice cream cone, and it was all over! You are a chocolate lover indeed.

You are Mr. Personality, and always making us laugh by the silly and unique things you say, and ways you say things. Some things you are saying lately are, "Hot gog" (hot dog), "What's dat?", "No, Mommy talk for me", "Sure!", "make a funny noise". You now say "water", instead of "wa-wa".

You like to wear sunglasses and hats.

You love memorizing and quoting your bible verse from Sunday School. You tell us your verses every night at bed. The past 2 months you learned Proverbs 3:5 and Psalm 18:30. Sometimes when you are being silly, you say, "Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the snakes!" Again, you love snakes.

We have had such a busy and exciting summer. It has been full of fun activities, vacations, late nights and long days. You have been a trooper and slept on different beds, on the floor, in airplanes and tents. Your hair has gotten so blonde from the sun and your little arms and legs are bronzed! We spent lots of time in the swimming pool and you have learned how to jump off the side of the pool (over and over again!) and go completely underwater. We have made so many memories as a family!

Last but not least, we are just beginning our big adventure of potty training. You are 2.5 years old, but are showing all the signs of being ready! Here we go.....!

Matthew Jay, we love you so big two and a half year old!!



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