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Mollie15&16 months

Mollie 15 & 16 months

(Only posted a month late! Been having too much fun to blog lately!)

Mollie Lynn what have you been up to these past couple of months?

Mollie Lynn, my sweet baby girl, you wear me out and make me laugh everyday. You are one busy, busy girl. Always on the go, making a mess of something and tagging along with your brother. You are rough and tumble and yet sensitive, sweet and dramatic at the same time. You are lovable, with a face that lights up when you smile. We love you so much Sissy!

You wear size 4 diapers. Still my long and lean little girl. You wear size 12-24 month depending on the fit and length! You need the length of the bigger clothes, but you need the waistline of the smaller ones. Thank goodness for adjustable waists!

Your sleeping habits have not changed. You do much better if we have to keep you up a little later or push you a little longer until nap time. You are completely off the bottle and drink milk from a sippy cup. You sit in a booster seat at the table. You always ask for a spoon to eat with, and do a great job using it (and your hands) to feed yourself. If you could, you would live off of milk. When you get tired, all you want is your "ba-ba". (It's really your sippy cup but you still call it a bottle). You are 100% a dairy girl. You love milk, eggs (favorite breakfast food), yogurt and cheese. You like crackers but really don't care too much for carbs, except if its sweet and covered in sugar or chocolate!

You still have the biggest, most gorgeous blue eyes, and the biggest toothy grin. You have 9 teeth, but more are on the way. Your hair is coming in more and more each day and is really curly, just like your brothers, especially in the back. Your hair has gotten light and blonde this summer in the sun.

The only time I call you Mollie is when you are in trouble. Otherwise, you are Sissy. The other day I was telling some friends a story about you and I referred to you as Sissy without even thinking about it! Thankfully, you respond to both names just fine.

Speaking of trouble, to say you are a sassy girl is an understatement! I'm holding onto the hope that this is just a phase, and thankfully the past few weeks have been MUCH better, but oh my soul, you were wearing me down girl! You have quite a temper on you and will pinch when you are mad (seriously, where did you ever learn how to do this?!?). You will also throw something in pure defiance if you are upset or if you do not want to do something. And the screeches and grunts almost put me over the edge! You are also quite the dramatic little girl and your new trick is to throw yourself backwards on the ground when you're upset. I was tempted to send myself to timeout sometimes just to get a break! Lord help me, you are not even one and a half years old yet!

Thankfully, you respond very well to disciple. As horrible as this sounds, seeing you get disciplined is about the cutest thing ever. Not because I like to do it, but because you are so funny to watch in action. For the most part we utilize time outs as disciple. When you disobey, throw a fit, pinch, etc. we tell you that you need to go sit in time out. I'm amazed, but you will stop whatever you are doing and march yourself right over to the bottom step of the stairs, back your little behind up and sit down. About a minute or so later, we see a little head peeking around the corner. We tell you that your time out is not over and you need to sit back down. When your time out is over we talk to you and tell you why you got put into time out and what you need to do different in the future. You then have to say sorry and give hugs to the person you hurt or disobeyed. Consistent discipline is exhausting but so rewarding at the same time!

You are walking and running full time. You are Miss Independent, always wanting down so that you can walk by yourself. You are so funny to watch when you walk, because you are always moving your arms, legs or head is some sort of silly way. We joke and say that you walk like you've had a little too much to drink!

Just after 14 months, your vocabulary has exploded! You repeat almost anything. This makes communication so much easier and one of the biggest reason I think the screeching and screaming has improved! As of 14.5 months your favorite words were Grandpa, Papa, Brother, tractor, cracker and Lexi. As of 15.5 months old I can't even count the number of words you say because you talk so much. You are much shyer then Matthew was with people you don't know very well, but at home and with your family, you are a chatter box! You will say "hi" to just about anyone when we walk through a store though. Much to your Gabby's pleasure, you started to say her name. When she is around, you say "Babee" nonstop. It's pretty cute.

You are such a helper around the house. You love to throw your diapers in the garbage, put your shoes away and take your dirty clothes to the wash. You are always finding phones, iPads, shoes, toys, and clothes around the house and taking them to their rightful owner. I amazed that you know what belongs to who!

You call Matthew "brober". You are his little side kick, wanting to do everything that he does from riding bikes, playing in the car, playing with the same toys, and swinging, to eating the exact same thing that he has. With brother potty training lately, you seem to think that you should get candy every time he does as well, and you are sure to tell us "canny" if we forget! You two are best buds, and are very loving and affectionate towards each other.

You aren't much of a dancer, but you will tap your foot to certain songs. You will sit and watch TV for about 3 minutes before you are off and exploring something more exciting. You enjoy playing the "hi-pee" (I-pad) with Mommy or Daddy.

You like to hold someone's hand when you need to go down something. You hold out your fingers and say "hand". In the car, you ask to have your window down by saying "up". You are a climber. You are always going up and down the stairs. Multiple times a day I will walk into a room and find you on top of a table or climbing on a chair.

You love to pray! You fold your hands when we tell you that it's time to pray, and say "Amen!" when we are finished. A couple of weeks ago, we were in a mad dash to get ready on a Sunday morning. We set your breakfast down in front of you and walked off to finish getting ready without praying. Daddy and I came back about a minute later and you were just sitting in your chair, food in front of you and your hands were folded, waiting to pray. Absolutely precious. Reminded us, even in our hurry, to take time for the things that really matter!

You do not like riding in the car, and time spent in your carseat is a struggle.

You like to have your toes painted pink! You watch mommy while I paint them and then we read a book while they dry. So cute with summer sandals.

You love shoulder rides, "wrestling", stickers, bath time, playing patty cake, and play dough.

You are obsessed with books right now. During the day, you can almost always be found toting around a book. You love to have books read to you, and especially love big picture books where you can point to and tell us what you see. You also like to sing songs. Your favorites are Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, and Happy & You Know It. You try to sing along to the tune of the song, but I can't understand what you are saying yet.

You are a rough and tumble little girl. It seemed like you always had a scrape or bruise on your leg this summer. You love to pull up your pant leg and show us your "owie" over and over again.

Speaking of summer, I can't believe it's almost over! We have had an amazing summer as a family. You have L.O.V.E.D all the Daddy time that you have gotten. You both are smitten for each other! Summer was a time for our family, full of adventures, travel and playdates.

Mollie Lynn, you are one loved little girl and I am so thankful for you!




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