Friday, August 2, 2013

Mollie 13&14 months

Mollie Lynn 13 & 14 months!

Mollie, you are 14 months old! What have you been up to these past 2 months?

You wear size 4 diapers, and 12-18 month clothes. Your hair is coming in more and more each day. You have light brown hair and curls in the back. I put your hair into a "ponytail" for the first time. I don't know if you can actually call it one, since it's so tiny. Either way, I think it's adorable. Daddy thinks it looks a bit like a sumo wrestler.

You still sleep for about 12 hours at night, and take a 3 hour afternoon nap. You are exhausted by nap time!

You still only have your bottom 2 teeth in all the way. Your top 4 teeth are swollen and have just started to poke through.

You have taken your sweet time when it comes to walking. As of 13 months, nyou can walk across a room if you want, but prefer to crawl 95% of the time. You cruise along furniture. Just before you turned 14 months, you have started to walk about 50% of the time.

There's no lying, you are a complete Daddy's girl.

You call Matthew "bro". You want to be around him all the time, doing whatevever he is doing, playing with, eating, watching, or listening to. Thankfully, he loves to play with his Sissy and have you tag along most of the time.

You are a dramatic little girl. My goodness, you can go from 0-100 and back within no time. For a short time, you were hitting your head with you hand when you were mad. You have also started to flop back on the ground during some of your fits. Most of the time you don't like to be told "no", but some of the time you act like you have no idea what we are telling you! You almost always cry when we first start to change your diaper or your clothes.

You are quite daring and don't have much fear. You are a busy, busy girl, always climbing up onto, or getting into something. I'm pretty such you are going to be my little handful, always pushing the limits and testing Mommy and Daddy.

But oh my goodness Mollie, you melt our hearts. You have such an infectious, sweet (and sassy!) personality, and a beaming smile. You love to give hugs, and lay your head down in our laps. You love to play peek-a-boo, read books, brush your hair, say hi to Sunny the horse, play in the sandbox and water table, and wear sunglasses.

You know where your tummy, nose, mouth, head, ears and toes are.

You can say more then you let on. Some of your favorite words as of 13 months are chooo-choo, nana (banana), hi, wa-wa, bro-bro, baba (bottle), up.

You can throw your diapers away in the garbage.

You know what a horse, duck, and cow say, and what a bunny does.

You sign "more" and "all done".

You do not like your car seat, or getting your hands and face washed after meals.

You throw your blankets out of your crib when you wake up in the morning. When we come in to get you, you will point to the blankets and say "uh-oh"!

You can crawl up the stairs and scoot down backwards all by yourself.

You were sick for over a week. You were fussy, lethargic, weren't eating well, and had a low grade temp. I thought it was just teething. Over a couple of days, you threw up a few times, and when your brother got it even worse after you had it, I knew it was a virus.

My little princess, we love you so much!


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