Sunday, July 28, 2013

Matthew 27&28 months

Matthew Jay 27 & 28 months

What have you been up to these days?

You weigh 29 pounds. You still wear size 4 diapers and 2T clothes. Long and lean!

You and Sissy L.O.V.E wheelbarrow rides from Gabby and Grandpa.

Daddy's baseball season ended this month. They had such a good season! You loved going to as many of Daddy's baseball games as possible. Lots of times, I would leave Sissy at home with Gabby, so that we could enjoy a little special time together at the games.

My little man, you are quite the talker. You talk all.the.time. You say anything and everything. You can speak in 5-7 word sentences. Of course, people who aren't around you often sometimes have a hard time dicifering what you are saying. Some of my favorite words you say are "vrumma" (vacuum), "mommower" (lawnmower), "Ke" (Caleb), "Yando" (Landon), "Hipad" (I-Pad).

You are always cracking us up by the things you are saying.

You say "what?" a lot.

We have been working to be very consistent with your manners. You do a wonderful job saying "Yes peese", "No thank you", or "Thank you". Daddy taught you how to say "Yes/no sir". However, you don't differentiate between sir and ma'am, so everyone is a sir in your mind. Pretty cute!

When your food is ready, I tell you to come up to the table to eat. If you are really hungry or excited about what I made, you will run over saying "Oh boy!"

You can quote (with a little promoting at times) Ephesians 4:32 and Genesis 1:1. If you are not sharing or being rude to Sissy, I will ask you to quote Ephesians 4:32, and you will say "Be kind and loving to Sissy!"

Mommy: Jesus said to go into all the nations and make what, Matthew? (Answer: Disciples) Matthew: Coffee!

If you hear a strange or silly noise or body function (you are all boy!) you will say "funny noise!"

It was raining outside one day and you see water dripping off the roof. Matthew: "Oooohhhh yook Mommy! Wa-wa go pee pee! (Insert giggles) Funny noise!"

You ask for a bag of popcorn evey time we are at Papa's house.

The weather is getting much nicer and we have been spending so much time outside. We built 2 tree swings for you and Sissy and you! You swing on a big boy swing, hold on great, love to swing high and are always asking for under-doggies. You've only had one small tumble.

You absolutely love going to the park, beach and lake. You have always been very cautious and somewhat scared when climbing in tunnels (like McDonalds play place), or climbing on playgrounds where you can see the ground below you. This year you are much more brave on play equipment and love going down slides. You have also learned how to climb up a ladder rope.

You love to play in our cars and pretend to drive, go on wagon rides with Sissy, and ride your bike. You like to fly down hills on your me a little heart attack. Thankfully, you always oblige and wear your helmet! (Never mind that you have to wear a helmet sized for a 5 year old. You can thank your Daddy for that one, buddy.)

Rather then having a slice of apple or a handful of Goldfish for a snack, you ask to have your own bag to hold.

You are very good about sharing your snacks with Sissy. While driving, I love looking back in the rear view mirror and seeing two little hands stretched out, handing snacks back and forth. Of course, my car is full of crumbs, but I've learn to pick my battles, and this one is nothing that a vacuum can't win. You two also like to hold hands in the car.

Although you are good about sharing snacks, you aren't always the most gracious when it comes to sharing your toys with Mollie. If she is really bugging you, you'll ask for her to go nigh-nigh, give her another toy, or just yell "No Sissy".

Some of your favorite foods lately are salad with ranch or caesar, yogurt, cinnamon toast, and chocolate balls (my take on homemade granola bars)

You love to sing. I'm amazed at how many songs you can sing along to. Some favorites are "Father Abraham", and "Follow the Leader"

You love to snuggle with Sissy at bedtime. This is one of my absolute favorite times of the day. Just our family, lying in bed, singing, laughing, tickling, cuddling, reciting bible verses, praying and saying goodnight.

Some of your very favorite things are garbage man trucks, vacuums, and lawn mowers. When you get I-pad time, you love to sit and watch random You Tube videos of these three things. You got a new train set and love to play with it. I'm always hearing "Come play trains with Matthew!"

We went swimming with Gabby, Mommy, and Sissy one morning. We went to a pool with a wonderful kid area, a lazy river and a big pool to play in. When we first got there, we took you and Sissy into the kiddy pool. What we didn't realize was that every few minutes a HUGE bucket of water is dumped. Go figure, we were right under where the water lands and just got slammed with tons of water. Needless to say we steered clear of that area for the rest of our swim, and so much for keeping our hair dry! You love to swim and jump off the side of the pool as long as I am holding your hands.

We have a membership to the Imagine Children's Museum. It's a fantastic place to burn some energy! Your favorite place to play is on the bus.

You can put your Croc slide on shoes on all by yourself.

You had a stomach virus for a few days. It was absolutely miserable. Unfortunately for Mommy, you threw up on me more times then I can even remember!

Matthew Jay, you bring so much joy and laughter to our family!


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