Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12 months

Matthew Jay you are ONE YEAR old!

(pretend I was a really on the ball mom, and actually published this on 2/19...Matthew's real birthday!)

I will NEVER forget the feeling, one year ago today, of holding you, my firstborn baby boy, for the very first time....I remember it like it was yesterday. I had always dreamed of becoming a mom, and I now I was finally YOUR Mommy.

Matthew, this past year has been one of the best and most blessed years of my life. Your Daddy and I thank Jesus every day and night for choosing us to be your parents. We can't wait to spend the rest of our lives loving you! Your smile is the best thing and your laughter is the best music. You will never understand, as long as you live, just how much your Daddy and I love you.

What have you been up to these days?

I can say that you are one BUSY little pre-toddler! You are into everything and anything. I think you have about a 30 second attention span before you are off and onto your next adventure!

You still wear size 4 diapers.
You are a skinny little boy!
You can wear anywhere from size 12-24 month shirts, and 12 month pants.

You still take 2 naps during the day and sleep at night from 7:30pm-7:30am. You nap for 1.5-2 hours each nap. You are doing SO well if we are out and about, or having a busy day, and aren't able to get you down for a full nap...you can stretch your awake time if you need to and are still a happy boy.
We try not to do this very often though!

You love to sleep in your crib. I wish that you were more of a cuddler, and sometimes I dream of being able to snuggle and rock you to sleep, but you just won't have it. On the flip side, I am so thankful that you put yourself to sleep and don't need any "help" from mommy or daddy! Daddy gives you your bottle every night, Mommy kisses you goodnight, and then Daddy sings and cuddles you while he takes you to bed.

You know where your tummy, head, and mouth is. You especially like pointing to your head.

You are doing SO much better in your highchair. I seriously don't remember the last time that you threw food, and you have not had to be put in timeout for a few weeks...loving it!

You love taking baths at night, but these days you absolutely love taking showers! We can tell you that it's bathtime and you will walk into the bathroom, eager to take a bath. You love to be naked too.

You still like to look at and read books

Sometimes I wonder why we even bother buying you new toys! I think you would rather play with the Swiffer duster, tupperware, anything and everything in the bathroom cabinets, kitchen utensils...the list goes on and on. I always laugh at what you find to play with, that's not an actual toy! Lately, you have been fascinated with sitting in the hall closet with the vaccum, touching it and making vaccum noises, and occassionally strumming Daddy's guitar.

You LOVE the stairs. If we ever leave the baby gate down, you always seem to find your way to the stairs. You climb up a few steps, and wait until we come to find you, and then you start to crawl as fast as your little legs can go, giving the best belly laugh along the way...and other times we find you all the way upstairs already! You can climb up the stairs, but you don't know how to crawl down yet. Thankfully, you don't try to come down by yourself, and are very steady climbing them.

Your new favorite food is frozen blueberries....thanks Grammy!
You love to play with balls. Your favorite is Daddy's basketball, but recently you found one of his baseballs and like that too! You carry the basketball all around the house. It looks so big for such a small little boy...you are strong though!

You like to look and point at pictures. You can point out Mommy and Daddy in them.
These days, you are pointing at everything you see that interests you, especially lights and balloons!

A couple of weeks ago, we started introducing Vitamin D milk. You took it great, and could honestly care less if you have formula or real milk. For now, you usually have formula morning and night, and milk during the day. I think it's going to be very easy to switch you completely to milk. You still love to take your milk in your bottle, especially in the morning. You will take milk out of a sippy great at mealtimes. Getting rid of the bottle completely will happen shortly, but I'm honestly not in a big hurry to make it happen right now.

You walk everywhere. You can stand up from sitting or crawling without holding onto anything. If you fall, you get right back up and keep on walking....no more crawling for this busy boy!

Daddy has mid-winter break this next week. We all get to be home together for a whole week! We have alot of fun things planned and are looking forward to lots of family time.

No new teeth. You still just have 7...4 on top, 3 on the bottom.

We bought you a big boy carseat! You are officially facing forward, out of your infant seat, and loving it!

You can say mama, dada, nigh nigh (we ask you if you're ready to go night-night, and you say nigh nigh), baba (bottle), nana (banana), you are trying to say something with a "G" sound for grammy/grandpa/grandma, and you say something with a "D" sound for doggie.

You are very into sharing and showing us your toys and your food. I know this stage won't last for long, so I try to encourage it as much as possible!

We got a membership to the YMCA. We have put you in the child watch three times now, and they have had to come get me each time because you won't calm down. Thankfully, they have let me get in a quick 25 minute workout before coming to get me.
Daddy and I took you swimming and you love playing and splashing in the pool!

You are such a content little guy, with an infectious smile...an absolute joy!

Happy first birthday Matthew Jay!!
(seriously cannot belive I am saying that...Time flies!)

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  1. Yea! Where does the time go. Thank you for sharing about your amazing son. You have had a very busy year, and I see an even busier, but wonderful, one ahead. I remember Colin's first birthday like it was yesterday, and now he has had 14 of them. Interestingly, I can't remember Connor or Sarah at one year quite as easily. What a sweetie Mathew is and these photos are as beautiful as always. Happy Birthday!