Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fourth of July

You can tell how far behind I am in my posts, if I'm just getting around to my Fourth of July post in mid-September! At least I'm slowly catching up!

Matthew celebrated his first Fourth of July this year!
We had a wonderful day!

We started the day by having a quiet morning at home. Then we went over to Grandpa and Grammy's house for lunch and to spend the afternoon playing! That evening, we went over to our friends house from church for a wonderful BBQ, time of fellowship with friends and family and an awesome firework show!

Matthew got a taste of his first Otter Pop. He loved it!

 Absolutely LOVE this kid. Caleb holds a very special place in his Aunt Cammie's heart!

 Love. This. Man. So. Much.

 Matthew did amazing during the fireworks. He was so mesmerized by them!

 Watching the fireworks with Daddy. I know he looks scared in this picture, but he really wasn't!
 It was so cute, because he was just stare at every firework that went off!

Matthew watched the firework show for about a half hour and then fell fast asleep on Daddy!

Thanks to the Mike and Katrina for hosting a wonderful
 Fourth of July bash!

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