Friday, September 9, 2011

Five months

Matthew Jay you are 5 months old!!

(surprise, surprise, I'm WWWAAAYYY behind on posting this again. So even though Matthew is 6.5 months, I'm posting this as if he just turned five months...! It's my blog, and my main purpose in posting is so we can look back and remember all these precious and fleeting memories!)

What have you been up to these days??

As of 4.5 months, you weigh 15.2 pounds (50th percentile)

You are 26.5 inches long (95th percentile!)

You are a solid little guy, but are very long and lean!

You are wearing size 2 diapers, and 3-6 month clothes.

You took your first cross country trip!
We had SUCH an amazing trip to Washington DC and South Carolina. You were a great traveler!

You went  in a swimming pool for the first time, and LOVED it!

You are belly laughing, and it is about the sweetest thing ever!

You are eating solid foods! We started you on rice cereal at four and a half months. You took to it great! We kept you on rice cereal morning and evening for a week, and then introduced you to sweet potatoes!
I am making you homemade baby is so easy, cheap and healthy!

After you eat, we will give you a little water from your sippy cup! I'm amazed at how well you take the sippy cup. You are starting to hold it yourself...too cute, but I can't believe my baby is growing so fast!

You are grabbing at EVERYTHING with your hands, and reaching for things in front of you.
You love to grab our faces. We are having to teach you to be gentle!

I cannot believe how aware you are becoming of your surroundings!
When we go new places, you will gaze and look all around!

You are loving all your toys! Anything and everything you grab goes directly into your mouth!

You are pushing up onto your hands with your chest lifted so high...your legs pump fast of these days you are going to take off! Your can push and move yourself with you legs, but haven't figured out how to move your arms at the same time.

You roll everywhere! A couple of weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy were doing some work in our backyard, and we had you inside on the floor. One minute we looked in and you were crying, stuck up against the chair on the opposite side of the room where we left you. Next thing we knew, you had rolled to the complete other side of the room, and had rolled under your swing. About a minute later, you had rolled in front of the back door, peeking your head outside, with a grin of complete satisfaction!

You are constantly making manys Oooohhhh's and Aaaawww's, and just last week you started making Bbbbb and Mmmmm sounds.

Sleep hasn't changed much from last month...

Uncle Adam's overall from when he was a baby! PRECIOUS!

Matthew, you are SUCH a mover and a jumper. You love anything with motion and movement! You love to be thrown high into the air. The faster and more we bounce and move you, the more you love it and squeal!

You discovered your toes!

We love you SO much, and are trying to cherish every moment we get with you,
because time is passing so quickly!

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