Friday, September 16, 2011


After being gone from our baby for a week while we were at Teen Camp, we were so anxious and excited to see our little man! What better way to spend the next week, then at Lake Chelan, relaxing with family?!?

We had such a fun week! My parents rented a house on Lake Chelan. It is actually is a home that my Aunt's family owns. We used to go there as a big family with all my cousins when we were little, so being there again brought back many fun memories!

My brother Adam, and Willow were in town, so they were also at the house for a couple days before flying home to Denver. Bamie also come for those few days that Adam and Willow were there! We spent those days just cherishing the short time we did get to spend together! Having the whole family together was great! I loved every minute of it...I only wish it could have lasted longer...or that I could have convinced them to move back to Washington...

The rest of the week was just Matt, I, baby, and my parents. We had such a fun and relaxing time swimming, boating, wake boarding, eating too much food, golfing, fishing, playing games, putting together puzzles, shopping, and playing with baby!

Here's some highlights of our trip:

We finally got to use the boat this summer!

Even though it had been a long time since Adam had wake boarded, it came back to him so naturally!

 My husband tends to naturally be good at just about anything he sets out to do. I like to tease him, because I can claim two things that I am better then him at: driving a stick shift, and wake boarding! (He says he just needs time. I tell him it's wishful thinking..!)

We were too cheap to rent a paddle board. Here is Matt's attempt at a Dave Ramsey style paddle didn't work so well!
 We played putt putt golf twice. Dad lost the first time to Matt, and was determined it wasn't going to happen again. Loser had to buy everyone ice cream at the LakeShore Drive-In...Yum!! Dad lost again....Thanks for the ice cream though! The competition was between Dad and Matt...I wasn't really considered competition...better start practicing for next year...

Mom played with baby while we golfed!

 Matthew wasn't too fond of his life jacket. It looked like a straight jacket on him. He did like bouncing on the boat seemed to just put him to sleep!

 Nothing warms my heart more then seeing these two together...L.O.V.E.  I.T.

 That's a serious beard Matt has going on...

Matt and Dad fished off of the dock...
...only Dad caught a fish!

What a hunk. Enough Said.

Our week at Lake Chelan was a BLAST! Matthew can't wait to go back next year! Thanks mom and dad for such a great week! We love you guys so much!

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  1. Cammie that was such a fun post to read and your pictures are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip and that adorable little Matthew.