Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mollie 4 years old

Mollie Lynn you are 4 years old!

My sweet girl. I hope you know just how much we treasure you. You are one of a kind and you truly have a heart of gold. Sure, you can be a stinker, and whine too much or scream about the silliest of things. Sometimes you have a hard time keeping your hands to yourself when your brothers bug you, but Mollie Lynn you are precious. You love your family, you take care of your brothers, and you have such spunk and joy. I pray you never change!

You have the biggest, most compassionate heart. You are always willing to help out, pick something up, or go grab a diaper and wipes. You clean up after your brothers, you get Mason (and yourself) milk, and dish out snacks to the family. You have a servant's heart. You love to help in the kitchen, cutting up veggies, or helping to bake cookies (and eating the batter!). You help me sort laundry too!

You love Miles to pieces. You are always asking to hold him. You swing him around and put him on your hip just so. You sit him on your lap to go down the stairs with him. You change his diapers (and do a good job!), change a lot of his clothes, give him toys, feed him his bottles, and gets in his crib to play with him when he wakes up. Sometimes you forget that you aren't his real Mommy, but you sure are the next best thing. Thankfully, you've only tried to nurse your dolls and not Miles.

You are a little goofball, always telling a silly story or making up some ridiculous song. You and Mason like to call people "Uncle". You are still shy around people you don't know very well and at church, but you have blossomed so much this past year. Sometimes you will say hi to every person we walk by. You love to give all of Daddy's baseball players a high five after the game. You will order and pay for your own food at restaurants and you'll go up to the front counter at a restaurant like McDonald's and ask for things that we need.

You are independent. You wash, condition, and rinse your own hair. You dress yourself and put your shoes and socks on. Your favorite outfit is jeans and a t-shirt. You change your clothes about 5 times a day. Thankfully you can put your old clothes away when you get your new ones on. I'm dreading your teenage years! You only like to wear dresses on Sundays when we go to church. You are starting to like dresses you can twirl in, but still bring a change of clothes most Sundays so you can change into your play clothes at Papa's house.

You are so particular about your socking fitting and feeling just right.

You are a smart little girl. You know most of your letters and sounds, can count to 20 and to 100 by 10's. You have learned your colors, shapes and rhyming words from your brother. You love to color and do such a good job coloring in the lines. You love writing your name and other things that you ask how to spell. You are left handed. As much as I might have tried to steer you towards using your right hand, you made it very clear that your left hand was most comfortable.

You love to snuggle and want tickly, especially when you are tired. You give the best giant hugs, and ask for us to "squeeze me".

You still love your milk, and wants milk out of a sippy cup when you are tired and in the morning.

You have a thankful heart, and get absolutely tickled over even the smallest of gifts.  

You love to paint your own nails and toes. They usually are a mix of pink and purple. We went on your birthday and got a pedicure!

Every Tuesday you get to take Matthew to preschool and spend the morning with your Grandpa! What a special time you get to spend together. You get Starbucks, run errands, or go to the park. 

Mollie, one of the accomplishments that I am so proud of is that you learned how to ride your bike before you turned 4! You are a determined little girl, and kept trying. No training wheels, straight from your strider bike to a big girl bike! One day you just took off and haven't looked back since. We are so proud of you Sissy!

Mollie Lynn, God has blessed our family by you. I pray that this year you would continue to grow in His grace, and understand the love that He has for you. We love you so much Sissy!