Sunday, June 26, 2016

Miles 8 months

Miles Patrick you are 8 months old!

Miles, Miles, Miles...what else is there to say but that you are the sweetest and easiest little baby! 

What have you been up to these past couple of months?

As of 7 months old....

You wear size 6 month clothes and size 3 month pants.

You started the month off rolling over from back to tummy. By the end of the month, you were rolling all over the place!

You must be starting to teeth because everything goes into your mouth.

You make so many grunts and sweet little noises!

You began the month sleeping swaddled in the bassinet in our room. I kept thinking that I needed to move you though. For about a week you were waking up multiple times a night for your binkie, wanting to nurse at times too. I wasn't about to let you regress on your sleep habits, and I didn't want to be waking up multiple times a night either, so I decided it was time to move you into your room that you share with Mason. I also felt like you were starting to fight against being swaddled. So one night I just put you in your crib, unswaddled for bed, and you slept through the night and have done so every night since! You sleep from about 7-8pm until 7am. You and Mason have done such a great job sharing a room. Your nap schedule is also much better this month. You usually take 3 naps per day. 1 long nap for about 3 hours from 12-3. You also take 2 short naps, one morning, one early evening, lots of times just in your car seat when we are out and about. 

You love to cuddle, but you also love to lay on the floor, rolling around, playing with your toys and exploring this world!

Oh my goodness, you absolutely love food! You eat pretty much anything pureed.

You grab at faces.

You are making so many sweet grunts and coos lately.

Thank goodness you finally learned how to put your paci back in by yourself!!

As of 8 months old...

You wear size 2 diapers. You wear size 6 month clothes and 3 month pants. You are still tiny!

Sleep continues to be amazing! You love your crib. You nurse and have a bottle before bed, we lay you down sleepy but awake with your zebra, binkie, and white noise machine on, and you put yourself to sleep. You sleep about 12-13 hours at night.

You are sitting up!!

You are making all sorts of noises and sounds.

You said your first word! Your Daddy works hard at it, and just like Mason, your first word was
 "Da-da". You "talk" all the time.

As much as you love your Daddy, or are perfectly content with someone else holding you, you have special eyes for your Mama! When you are tired or hungry, and I am around, you will whine until I nurse you. Out of all your siblings, you like to nurse the most. You nurse every 3-4 hours during the day, have 1 bottle of formula before bed, and you eat solids twice a day.

You LOVE food. I stopped pureeing your food and now you just feed yourself cut up foods. You grab fist fulls of food and shove them in your mouth. It's so fun to watch how much you enjoy eating! You pretty much just eat what we eat. You love eggs, greek yogurt (I feed you this!) and fruit.

It's baseball season around our house, so you went to your first baseball game!

You love your siblings. The feelings are pretty mutual. You just light up when they are around and playing with you.

You LOVE to swing in swings at the park. Your smile is so contagious and just lights up your entire face!

You are so easy in the nursery at church. Stay that way, okay?!?

Miles Patrick, you are exactly what our busy family needed! We thank the Lord for the little blessing you are in our lives! We love you to the moon and back!


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