Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mason 10 months

Mason Alan you are 10 months old!

What have you been up to this past month??

You had a pretty rough month of teething. You got your first 4 teeth all at once! Your top 2 and bottom 2 teeth came in at the same time. You have had the hardest time teething out of your Bro bro and Sissy. Tylenol, chew toys, lots of snuggles, drooling, fussing and middle of the night wake ups finally resulted in a happy little boy with a cute toothy smile!

Right about 10 months you started to experience separation anxiety. You do not like when Mommy or Daddy leaves the room. You cried so much at the YMCA they had to come get me, and then twice in one week I had to be paged out of church because you were so upset in the church nursery! I'm hoping this phase passes quickly!

You still aren't moving anywhere. But I think you are getting close. You seem to be getting more frustrated lately that you aren't moving around. Maybe that will give you the motivation to put it all together and be on the go! You can push backwards a little when you are on your tummy. You twist around and can move side to side. You LOVE to stand. Your balance seems to be improving, but I can't leave you standing alone. You love to stand on the couch and look out the window, or at the coffee table and grab at everything you aren't supposed to touch!

When we sing "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands", you actually start clapping your hands. It's pretty adorable!

You sign "thank you" by putting your fist to your mouth. You sign "all done" by flapping your hands to the side, and you can sign "more".

You love to wave hi and bye!

You give high fives.

You love your Daddy. We are right in the middle or baseball season, so we don't see daddy as much, but you absolutely light up when you do see him. When you get excited you open and close your hands and pump your legs. You love to grab at daddy's face and beard. Whe I talk to him on the phone and tell you that I'm talking to da-da, you repeatedly say "da-da"! We try to go to as many of Daddy's baseball games as we can. You are such an easy little boy to take out and about. You love to watch all the action and people at his games and if you get fussy I just put you in your stroller, feed you or give you a toy or bottle!

You are obsessed with balls. They are your favorite toy. Your whole body tenses up and you flap your arms when you see a ball. You love for someone to play toss with you.

You also love to play with an empty water bottle.

Mason Alan you are pure joy and such a little blessing to our family. You are so loved and I can hardly believe how fast you have grown!



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