Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mason 9 months


Mason Alan you are 9 months old!

What have you been up to the past couple of months?

Weight: 21 pounds (76th percentile)

Height: 28.5 inches (53rd percentile)

Head circumference: 18.7 inches (97th percentile)

You are a big, healthy boy! You have the most kissable, chubby cheeks! You are wearing size 12-18 month clothes. You wear a lot of Matthew's hand-me-downs. It's so fun for me to see you in the same outfit that your big brother wore! Matthew also thinks it's pretty fun to tell other people that he wore the same thing when he was a baby too. Proud big brother!

You are a wonderful sleeper. You have been sleeping in your own room since you were 6 months old. We started weaning you from your sleep bundle, by bundling you with 1 arm out when you were about 6 months old. By 7 months old, you slept with both arms out, and by 8 months old you were, and still are, sleeping in a fleece sleep sack. You sleep on your side or on your tummy, with your stuffed giraffe and white noise machine on. You take one nap a day, usually for 2.5-3 hours at the same time as Matthew and Mollie. If we are in the car in the morning or evening, you will usually take a cat nap as well. You are exhausted by bedtime and sleep from 7:00pm-7:30am. You wake up happy and on most days that smile doesn't leave your face all day.

Matthew and Mollie love to come into your room when you wake up in the morning. They climb into your crib, read you books, and play and giggle with you until you decide you've had enough and are ready for your morning bottle!

You are one happy and content baby! On weary and tiring days where it seems like we have toddlers whining and fighting all day long, Daddy and I always say how thankful we are for our Mason! We can usually count on you to be the easy, go with the flow baby boy.

We said goodbye to nursing all together this month. Over the past couple of months, I had been supplementing with a bottle right before bedtime, and eventually before nap and bedtime. My supply went way down and you completely lost interest. Thankfully it made the weaning process flawless and you have transitioned over to formula very easily. You get so excited when you see your bottle and have learned this month how to feed yourself your own ba-ba.

You are eating everything! You have not met a food that you don't love! I really can't even tell what are your favorite foods because you will literally eat anything that I put in front of you. (Don't change this habit once you become a toddler, okay?) We did puréed baby food for awhile, but you were always grabbing at the spoon, trying to feed yourself. It just wasn't working well. I started trying more cubed, soft cooked foods that you could pick up and feed yourself, you loved it and we haven't looked back since! You eat what we eat now and it makes mealtimes so much simpler! You eat three meals a day, a snack in the afternoon, and drink 3-4 bottles. You also love to drink water from a sippy cup.

You have very good fine motor skills. You usually just full on fist grab your food and stuff it in your mouth, but you also have a good pincer grasp and love to pick up Cheerios one at a time. You pick up a lot of your toys one handed, love to play with balls and you are starting to show us your toys and make a "Oooooh" sound. You are just too cute!

On the other hand, you've been a little slower with your gross motor skills. You can roll back and forth, but you don't cover any distance rolling from one side of the room to the other. You sit like a champ. You are so content to just sit on the floor and play with toys, sometimes too content! You aren't crawling or scooting yet. You love to stand, but have no sense of balance. I guess when you have a big brother and sister who entertain you and bring you all your toys to play with, you don't really have a reason to start moving yet! I know it will come soon enough!

You said your first word. Both Matthew and Mollie's first word was Mama, so from the time you were a little baby, Daddy was determined you would say his name first. He was a proud Daddy when your first word was "Da-da". You say it so sweet and happy. About 2 weeks later, you started saying "Mama, mama, mama". Except the only time you say it is when you are tired, fussy, or whining for your bottle.

You are starting to wave and say "Hhh".

You have two big siblings that you think the world of. You watch them and want to follow them around so badly. You give them the best smiles and giggles. I love that all three of you are so close in age, and am so excited to watch your relationships continue to grow.

You LOVE to swing.

You are still a cuddler, especially at night when you are tired, but you love to look around and watch people and the sights around you.

You're grabbing and reaching at everything. You put anything in your hands into your mouth!

You do wonderful in the church nursery and don't experience any separation anxiety.

You love your binkie and can put it in your mouth by yourself!

You take baths in the big bathtub with your bro bro and sissy! You absolutely love bath time. You splash and play with toys.

You are ticklish, especially around your neck and upper back. You have the best belly laugh and give some of your biggest laughs to Matthew when he does silly things with you.

You have 2 upper and 2 lower teeth ready to pop through, but no teeth yet!

You absolutely hate getting your face washed or nose wiped. I think that's about the only thing you don't like.

Mason Alan, you bring such joy to our house. Your Daddy and I are constantly amazed and so thankful for your sweet, laid back personality. God knew exactly what we needed when He gave us you! We love you to the moon and back baby boy!



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