Monday, December 9, 2013

Matthew 31 & 32 months

Matthew Jay 31 & 32 months

Matthew, what have you been up to these past two months?

Potty trained! Near the end of August, you were showing us all the signs that you were ready to potty train. After 1 day of putting you on the potty every 20 minutes, and 1 more day of putting you on the toilet every 1-2 hours, I can say we have a potty (not poop) trained little boy at 2.5 years old! You aren't always great at telling us you need to go, but as long as I give you a reminder every few hours, you will not have an accident. For the first few weeks I was putting you in a diaper at naps and nighttime, but you were consistently waking up dry, so we said goodbye to nap time diapers! You still wear one at night, but 80% wake up dry as well. We still haven't conquered pooping on the potty, but hopefully that will come shortly.

Daddy went back to work at the end of August. It's been a transition back to our school year routine you miss Daddy when he's gone, but get very excited to see and play with him after he's home. Almost every night at dinner, you ask Daddy if he can see the eagle (the mascot from his school).

You were sick with a nasty cough for a couple of weeks at the beginning of September. You hold on to your colds for a long time. It made sleep and naps tough.

You started attending Toddler Time at our church preschool. You go on Fridays for 2 hours. The perfect amount of time! At first, you were very confused because you always associate "going to school" as "going to visit Daddy's school". Thankfully, you quickly caught on to the routine of Toddler Time and you absolutely love it! Miss Jen is your teacher and you absolutely adore her, and she does an amazing job with your class. I'm very thankful she's also my dear friend! Mommy works a lot of Fridays, so Gabby takes you to preschool.

You pooped on the potty (rather then just going in your underwear!) for the first time on Sunday September 29th. We were at night church, when our pager went off. Daddy went to see what was needed. A couple minutes later, he came to the back of the church and motioned for me to come out. He was mouthed the word "Poop". I thought that you had an accident and Daddy just didn't want to clean you up. I was about to give him a piece of my mind, when I walked into the bathroom and you were sitting so proudly on the toilet, showing us your poo. As strange as it sounds, I was so proud of you. We had been working so hard on this, with many bribes attached, that I was thrilled to have this milestone. Right after church, as promised, we went to Target and you got to pick out a new garbage truck as a reward. You did grest for a few days, and right now you go in the toilet about 50% of the time. We still have some work to do, but you have a very proud Daddy and Mommy.

You can put on and take off your Velcro shoes.

Each night after dinner, you ask Daddy if you may be excused from the table. You then take your plate and dump the leftovers in the garbage and put it in the sink.

You know how to spell your name and we are working on writing it.

Earlier this summer Daddy caught you putting a penny down the cassette player in the Explorer. For a while we were having some issues with static over the radio, but it eventually got better and we didn't think of it again. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. The Explorer wouldn't start if it sat for a very long and was needing to be jumped frequently in order to start. We knew the battery wasn't bad because we had it changed only s few months prior. When we took it into the shop, the tests on the battery and alternator all came back perfectly fine. They did some higher level testing and found that the issue was the stereo was pulling from the battery. So out came the stereo for examination. And what do you think they found? 46 cents and a severed connection! Long story short, $250 later, 46 cents in a envelope to take home as a token, and a radio that is disconnected and fried, we got our car back!


Conversations with Matthew....

Matthew: (grabbing my ta-tas, if you will.) Mommy, dere's a baby in there?

Me: no, Mommy doesn't have a baby in there, but please don't touch Mommy there.

Matthew: (trying to grab again) what's dat?

Me: God gave them just to Mommies, not for you to touch.

Matthew: God say no?

Me: (trying not to laugh), yeah buddy lets leave them alone.


Daddy: what are our two rules at church?

Matthew: no running. No skipping.

This obviously is a big battle we face each week between services at church, as you and yoursweet little cousin race through the hallways and sanctuary. Asking you to use walking feet didn't work very well, as you realized that if you skipped, instead of ran, you could still get places fast. Little stinker!


When you are excited you say "Oh.My.Sakes", "Oh.My.Goodness" or "Oh Myyyy"

You are always curious about our plan for the day and ask multiples times a day, "where's a me going?" or "what's a me having for dinner?"


Matthew to Daddy while driving in the car: "Hey guys! Guys! Papa has a mommower. It starts like dis. Vrrrooom!"


Conversation with his friend Grace in the car...

Grace: I live in marysville. Where do you live Matthew?

Matthew: yake stevens. But I sleep in a tent. Ya, I yive in a tent.

Me: Hmmmmm...


Matthew Jay, you are growing up so fast! We love you so much brother!!





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