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Matthew 19 & 20 months

Matthew Jay 19 & 20 months

Matthew, I can't even begin to describe the joy that you bring to our family! You make us laugh and enjoy life to the fullest, but boy oh boy you wear us out! You are one busy toddler, always on the move, with a curiosity through the roof!
What have you been up to these past couple of months?
At 20 months old you...
weigh 25 pounds 6 ounces (45th percentile)
are 34 3/4 inches tall (90th percentile)
have a big head! 49 3/4 cm (95th percentile)
You played with shaving cream and loved it!

You tell us when you are poopy, and are very interested whenever we are going "potty". At the end of August, I decided to buy you a potty seat. I'm not planning on starting potty training yet, but I just thought that it would be a good idea to have a potty seat around for you to get more familiar with sitting on it and being around it. You LOVED it! You would ask to go "potty" all the time. You love to sit on it and play with it. One day, you were sitting on your potty seat in our bathroom and I had to run to do something really quick. I was gone maybe 2 minutes. By the time I came back, you had the potty seat on the floor, and you had both feet standing in the toilet. I walked in and you immediately said "Uh Oh!" I couldn't help but run and grab my camera to snap a few pictures before getting you out and scrubbing you off. Boy will be boys!

You rode on your first rides all by yourself at the Evergreen State Fair and loved them!
As of 18.5 months you say" home" every time we pull into our neighborhood. You say "church" when you recognize us pulling into the parking lot at church, and you say "bumpa" when coming down the hill into Grammy and Grandpa's neighborhood. At 20 months you also started saying "ba" every time we were pulling into our driveway at home, asking for the garage door button so you could open it. Our little helper!

You are SUCH a little ham, always giving cheesy grins and corny laughs. Daddy taught you how to fake laugh- haha!

At 18.5 months you fell on our back patio while playing outside and split your chin. We did end up taking you to the doctor to have it checked out, but thankfully you didn't need any stitches or glue. As of the middle of October, your cut has healed but it looks like it might scar :( I'm hoping it fades with time.

On 9/4 we went to the zoo with friends from church! You loved running around with your little buddies and seeing all the animals.

You love to play chase and hide-and-go-seek. You run everywhere. You like to swing on your tummy.

At 19 months your favorite TV show was Chuggington. Whenever we asked you what you wanted to watch, you always said "Choo Choo". Your favorite character is Coco. As of 20 months your favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. During the intro to the show, you can name every character. You are going to be Mickey for Halloween.
You are always wearing a hat.

You are very good at saying "Peese" (Please) and "Yank ou" (Thank you). We have worked very hard at teaching you manners.

Some of your favorite activities are playing in the car or outside, riding your bike, reading books, lawnmowers and getting the mail. You especially love to get the mail with Grandpa. You know where he keeps the mail key, and will go over to the drawer, find the mail key, and ask Grandpa to get the mail with you. You and Grandpa are buddies these days.

Some of your favorite songs are, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If You're Happy and You Know It (Happy), the ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Rise and Shine, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. We can stop in the middle of almost all those songs and you will say the next word or phrase, even the ABC's. (advanced, I know! Oh wait, doesn't every parent think that their child is advanced?!?)

You count to 10 all the time, and just learned this past week how to count up to 13! You skip the number 4. My favorite number you say is 7 (sem-men). You always say 9 & 10 fast and in a row. You like to count the stairs when we walk down them.
You love going on walks and being outside.
We got you a trike at a garage sale the beginning of September. At first you would sit on it, walk behind it and like for us to push you around. By the end of September, you have learned how to cruise on that bike. You pedal with your feet and will absolutely zoom down the hill in front of our house. You like to ride your bike around the block, but always need help going up the hill.

We bought you a Strider balance bike. It is harder for you to ride then your trike, but you are really starting to like it. We also bought you a new helmet, but had to buy you one for a 5 year old because your head is so big! You can thank your Daddy for that one.

You wave "Bye-Bye" by opening and closing your hand.

You call Grammy and Grandpa, "Gabby" and "Bumpa". You love spending Fridays with your Gabby. I don't think that you miss Mommy or Daddy at all! You call Bami "Banna"

You are still unbuckling your seat belt while in the car, but it's happening less often.

You have been really difficult to take to restaurants lately. All you want to do it get down and run around. We either end up scarfing our food or one of us walks with you in the lobby. Lately, we just opt for take out!
You LOVE your sissy and are one pretty awesome big brother!
You went to your first high school football game at Cedar Park.

You like to play with shoes. You can put your Crocs on all by yourself. Lots of times you will ask for your shoes to be taken off in the car.

You like for the car window to be rolled down. You stick your hand out and say "wind!"

Matthew, you give the best hugs lately!

Anytime that we ask you what you want to eat, you always want waffles. Your other favorite foods are pretzels with hummus, spaghetti, oatmeal, & PB&J. Carbs are your favorite! You are a good eater, but can be picky at times.

Whenever I tell you that we are going to go to the grocery store, you always say "Cookie!" I can't run into the grocery store with you without making a stop at the bakery for a special treat. It keeps you happy and occupied though.

You like to spot buses, trucks and airplanes when we are driving. Lately, you have been spotting "punkin" (pumpkins) too!

You still LOVE "Yexi" (Lexi). She hasn't jumped on the Matthew-lovin' bandwagon yet. I'm hopeful it might happen some day because she would have an instant best friend. Every night before you go to bed, you insist on Lexi coming into your room so that you can say nigh-nigh to her. You also try to sneak her tasty treats if we aren't watching you! You give her very gentle "Pat pats" and love to give her hugs and kisses.
You love books and throwing balls down the stairs.

I made prayer sticks for you in mid-October (gotta love Pintrest!). On each stick is a picture of someone in our family and their name. Each day you pick a new person to pray for. We get to talk about them during the day, and most importantly we pray for them before meals, at naps and bedtime.
You can name almost all of your Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grandparents...even the ones who live out of state.
After we pray, you say "Aaaaaa-MEN!"

When you are excited, the volume of your voice gets REALLY loud, especially when "bumpa" (Grandpa) or "Wah-wah" (Joshua) are around. We are teaching you how to whisper, and at night you will whisper "I luv yoo" in our ears before you go nigh-nigh. Precious!

You talk ALL.THE.TIME. You are starting to put 2 words together. (Mommy camera, Lexi outside, Sissy nigh-nigh etc.)

When you don't want to do something you say "Nope". You sometimes get confused and say "Nope" even if it's something you want to do. You are a blast these days, and have been listening much better! We are teaching you to obey Mommy and Daddy the first time we ask you to do something, and are striving to consistently discipline you in love.

Matthew Jay, I look forward to every day I get to spend being your Mommy. We love you to the moon and back!

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