Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Time

Matt and I have been so blessed with amazing families! Sometimes I think we take for granted just how precious they are to us, and the time that we get to spend with them! A few weeks ago we had Matt's family over for Pizza Night!

Here are all the boys at the dinner table. We seriously need some girls in this family!

 So thankful that our families aren't just our families, but also some of our very best friends!

These two will be best friends one day! Matthew and Joshua were so cute playing the "drum" together!

 Poor Lexi just got shaved. She was a little embarassed.....

Uncle Matt and Uncle David played "airplane" and wrestled with the boys.....

Someone always gets hurt.....poor Landon. He was just too cute to resist taking a picture!

We played the Kinect!

Brothers! Can't convince either of them to grow their hair out...!

We celebrated Matt's birthday with his family. Cherry cheesecake....a birthday staple made by his mom!
 I didn't realize that I had no candles or we pretended to blow them out instead!

So thankful for time with family!

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