Monday, November 14, 2011

Bath time story

I thought this was too funny and too cute not to post!
Usually I keep the naked baby pictures off my blog, but I couldn't resist!
 One night Matt took Matthew upstairs to give him a bath while I finished up the dishes from dinner. Longc before I came upstairs I heard the tub drain, and I figured I would walk upstairs to
 find baby in his PJs playing with Daddy.

Instead, I found this.....

Matthew was happy and content as ever playing in the buff in his playroom....Daddy was down the hall watching ESPN in the bonus room! HA!

 Crawling over to greet me! When Matthew doesn't have pants on, he does a bear crawl instead to stay off his knees...too cute!

 This boy was quite proud and loved being in the nude!

I can't least he was bathed, clean, and almost ready for bed!
Oh how I love my husband and baby and all the times they make me laugh!

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  1. Cammie I am dying! That is some great photo editing!