Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mason Alan 14 months

Mason Alan you are 14 months old!

What have you been up to this past month???

You are SO much fun right now. You have such an infectious smile, a sweet personality and are learning new things every day! You are at a busy age, moving from toy to toy upstairs to downstairs, happy to sad and back again!

You crawl everywhere! It's about time you start walking, but for now all you do is pull up and walk along furniture.

You let go of things when standing. Instead of taking any steps, you will dive with your head towards us and give cuddles. It's one of your favorite games.

Finally, at 14 months and 3 weeks you finally starting taking up to 4 steps at a time. You've done everything slow and steady and you'll be cruising before we know it!

You can crawl up stairs and have almost learned how to crawl down them too.

You love to play with empty water bottles, balloons and your favorite toy, balls.

You say "Oooooh" and "whoa" to new or exciting things,

Your new words are bubble, mama and dada.

Speaking of Daddy, you are such a daddy's boy. You love your mommy, but you absolutely light up for Daddy. Since Mommy has been so big and pregnant, and since Daddy has been off for the summer, you have spent so much time being Daddy's little side kick.

Mason, you love to swing, be outside, ride in your car, and dig in the dirt or sand. All boy!

We have had a hot summer, so it's a good thing that you absolutely love water! You play with the water table but your favorite is the kiddie pool. You crawl right into the pool, turn yourself around and sit down, and splash your arms and smile with such satisfaction! It's pretty adorable, but then again I think just about anything you do these days is pretty cute!

You went on Grandpa's boat for the first time. You loved swimming in the lake, but you weren't too sure about wearing a life jacket. You watched your bro bro and sissy inner tube for awhile and then fell asleep.

You have such a sweet, easy going personality, but you are starting to show your stubborn side. You have a little temper at times, especially when changing your diaper, getting into your car seat or riding in the car. You will throw a toy or hit whoever is within arms reach when you get upset. You are learning how to sit in time out!

You so badly want to be with the big kids. You are starting to play a lot more with your brother and sissy, but just can't keep up most of the time. You love to poke Matthew's belly button and giggle, and play in your crib with Sissy.

At 14.5 months you became a big brother!!!! Seriously, overnight you seem so big compared to your tiny little brother. You love to point at Miles and you call him "Muh". You like to kiss his head and give him hugs with your head. Miles sat in your lap one day and you were so proud and happy. You were gentle and ever so sweetly kissed his head. Melted our hearts! I'm so excited to see your relationship with Miles. You two will be best buddies!

Mason Alan, what a joy you are to our family!



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