Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mason 2 months

Mason Alan you are 2 months old!

What have you been up to this past month?

You are a growin' boy, and are starting to become quite the handsome little chunk!

Weight: 11 pounds 14 ounces (36th percentile)

Height: 22.5 inches (24th percentile)

Head circumference: 15.9 inches (86th percentile)

You wear size 1 diapers and 3 month clothes. I always get a little sentimental when I have to put the newborn clothes away.

We are absolutely smitten with your laid back personality and the sweet little noises you make.

You’ve even started to smile at us when we talk to you. It melts my heart each and every time.

Things are much different with three, but we’re all adjusting quite well. It takes a lot more effort to leave the house, and much more time and planning ahead on my part, but we always make it happen. Thankfully you sleep great in your car seat and make being out and about easy.

You celebrated your first Fourth of July. You slept through all the fireworks. You also met your Uncle Adam, Aunt Willow and cousin Sophie for the first time.

You love to be carried in the Ergo. I love the extra snuggles. You fall asleep every time you are in it.

You are such a content little baby. It's just what we needed with a busy brother and sister. We are always on the go, toting you around from place to place!

Nursing continues to go well. You are exclusively breastfed. You still nurse every 3 hours during the day. You still wake up once a night. I nurse you at 10pm, you wake up between 3-4:30 to nurse, and then go right back to sleep until about 7am.

You sleep in a bassinet in our room. I love having you close by!

Your awake time during the day is starting to stretch out and become a little longer. You will have about an hour of awake time in the morning as well as in the evening before bedtime. Other then that, you are awake for about 15 minutes at a time during the afternoon, which is when you are the sleepiest.

Your head control is getting better and you continue to get stronger each day. You enjoy a little tummy time, but most of the time you just lay your head down and go to sleep.

No more morning stuffiness! One day you woke up with no stuffy nose and it has been clear since.

You have blueish grey eyes.

You had your first shower and loved it. Lots of times it just seems easier to take you into the shower with me instead of giving you a bath.

You are such a happy, easy, quiet baby. I couldn't ask for a sweeter little guy.

We love you so much Mason Alan!


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