Monday, April 29, 2013

Mollie 11 months

Mollie Lynn you are 11 months old!

What have you been up to these days?

You are a smiley, happy little girl, full of sugar and spice! Speaking of little girl, how did you grow up so fast? It seems like overnight you have grown up from baby, to sweet and sassy little girl! You have the most infectious belly laugh, and big beautiful blue eyes. Let's face it, you have your daddy wrapped around your fingers.

I have started introducing whole milk to you. I mix half formula and half milk in your bottles. I don't think you notice a difference. You are a great eater and will eat just about anything.

You love to sit and read books. You turn the pages and look at all the bright colors and pictures.

When we ask you what a monkey says you say "Ah"!

You are constantly taking off your socks and shoes. I can almost guarantee that when I put you in the car with them on, they will be off when you get out!

You are standing unassisted and will take 1-2 steps at a time. You'll be walking soon!

You L.O.V.E to climb the stairs. If I forget to put the gate up, I'm sure to find you upstairs. You are starting to learn how to go down the stairs backwards.

You love to clap your hands.

You have started to drop food off your highchair. I think it broke daddy's heart as much as yours the first time he had to get stern with his baby girl.

When you drop something, whether intentional or by accident, you say "Uh-Oh!"

You love to climb and crawl all over Daddy when he is laying down n the floor

You love to swing and go down the slide.

You want to tag along side and keep up with your brother. It's like overnight you have decided that you don't like your baby toys whatsoever! All you want to do is play with Matthews toys and do whatever he is doing. I think you're going to be the little girl who loves playing with trucks and blocks! When Matthew goes outside without you, you will sit and sometimes cry at the back door or window, begging to go out with him. It's precious and most of the time I give in!

You are always crawling through your tunnel and love it even more when your bro chases you through it.
It was all giggles when you and Matthew got to play with shaving cream in the bathtub. Love. Love. Love seeing the friendship forming between you two.

You can sign "all done" after you eat. You also know where your head is. Most of the time when I ask you to sign or show me where your head is, you will get a shy smile and not perform.

You were sick for 8 days with a double ear infection. Poor baby girl!

Mollie Lynn, happy 11 months! So hard to believe you are almost 1 year old. We love you sweet thing!




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