Monday, January 7, 2013

Mollie Lynn, 9 months

Mollie Lynn you are 9 months old!

What have you been up to these days?

You weigh 18 pounds (45th percentile)

You are Inches tall (95th percentile)

We grow 'em long and lean!

Mollie Lynn, you are the sweetest, smiliest, and happiest baby.

As sweet and happy as you are, you can be a little drama queen sometimes. If you get hurt or bump into something, you go into a serious, ugly cry. Thankfully as soon as we pick you up. you calm right down and are ready to go play again.

You have become quite a busy, busy, busy little girl lately, always finding something to get into or something new to explore!

You are grabbing and reaching for EVERYTHING. You will put anything into your mouth. We have to keep a close eye on you.

2 days after you turned 8 months old you started crawling. You are ALL over the place now. You'll be keeping up with your brother in no time! You can cover some serious distance. One minute you are in the playroom and the next thing I know you are screaming because you are stuck under the dining room table.

You adore your bro-bro, and are always following him around. You two have started to play together a lot more lately. Matthew loves it when you crawl after him. He will say "Sissy, come get bro bro!"

You are also a very independent little girl. You will crawl into the play room, find some toys and be very content playing by yourself.

You have discovered the stairs. I learned the hard way that you actually knew how to climb the stairs. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, and I thought you were in the playroom. A couple minutes later I heard a few thuds and a crying baby. My heart sank. Thankfully you were just fine. I don't know how high you got before falling but let's just say the gates came out immediately! If we ever leave the gate down, you make a bee line for the stairs. Matthew thinks it's a pretty fun game to climb the stairs with his Sissy!

You are pulling yourself up onto anything and everything! I love walking into your room and you are standing up in your crib, bouncing up and down, biggest grin on your face!

You now eat almost anything and everything! You are such a great eater. You have not met a food that you won't eat! Fruits, veggies, meats, dairy (except milk), love it all. We dice your food and you feed yourself. You pretty much eat what we eat, and yes that even includes an occasional piece of pizza, French fry or spaghetti at Grandma's house.

You are starting to wave and give high fives.

You got your first bloody nose. You can thank your brother for that one. Thankfully it was an accident and it didn't bleed very much.

You now sit up in the bathtub like a big girl. You love to take baths. Your favorite thing to do is splash and suck on toys. You also like it when Matthew squirts you with his toys.

You are saying "Dada!" and "Hi". It's more like an "h" sound with a sigh at the end of it. Either way, it's cute.

You love your puppy dog Lexi.

You think it's a game to drop your toys onto the floor, over and over again. Thankfully it's just toys and not food...yet.

You love being in the church nursery and don't experience separation anxiety!

You had your first fever mid January. Thankfully it lasted for less then 24 hours. You were very cuddly and wanted to sleep on us....I secretly loved it.

You love to sing songs, play patty cake, and fake cough.

After almost 9 months of a sweet toothless smile, your first tooth started to poke through on 1/22. It's about time!

Mollie Lynn, it is my joy and privilege to call you my daughter. Mommy, Daddy, and brother love you over the moon!




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  1. Um seriously how did she get to be 9 months already? Wow time flys!