Thursday, August 30, 2012

Matthew 17 & 18 months

Matthew Jay 17 & 18 months!

What have you been up to these past couple of months?

Matthew Jay, you are such a busy, busy, busy toddler, full of personality, and the absolute light of my world (along with your little sissy, and Daddy too!)

You weigh 25 pounds. You are still a long and lean little guy

You sleep 12-13 hours at night and take 1, three hour nap during the day. You absolutely love your crib and going "nigh-nigh." Daddy usually puts you to bed at night. If  Mollie is happy, then we will all join you for your routine of snuggles in bed with songs, giggles, and prayer. You like to sleep with 2 binkies. After we put you in bed, Daddy says "nigh-nigh" to you. You say "nigh-nigh" back to him. You guys do this about 15 times before we leave your room!

You love to sing songs. Some of your favorites are "Pop goes the wheezel", (you like to say POP!), "Baby bumble bee" (You like to shout when the bee stings!), "Happy you know it" (you love to stomp your feet and shout amen!), "Jesus loves me" and "Hot Dog Song".

You would play outside all day long if we let you. We spent many days outside this summer, with trips to the park and splash pad. We also spent lots of time playing in our backyard. You love to swing. You learned how to climb up the slide in our backyard, but you usually slide down on your tummy, unless Mommy or Daddy is holding your hand. You also love to play in your sandbox...usually it ends up in your mouth and hair!

You used to be very cautious and scared when climbing on a playset. You always wanted someone to help you, and if you were by yourself you would just scoot your feet and take baby steps, or crawl. Thankfully you have conquered that fear this summer and now you are much more brave when climbing on the play toys. We've spent a lot of time this summer playing at Willis Tucker Park. Your favorite toys are the airplane bouncer and the swing.

You love to eat dirt while playing in the backyard, despite what Mom & Dad say. You are all boy!

At 17 months, you had quite the little temper on you! When you got mad, you would throw a toy, book, or whatever you could get your firely little hands on. You were also starting to hit us if we told you "no". You didn't like learning that you weren't the one in control, but thankfully this stopped at about 17.5 months, and since then you have been doing so much better! You also don't gag yourself anymore...thank goodness!

You are talking all the time! You will repeat any word that we say, and you also say a ton of words by yourself.

We are trying to teach you good manners. You are very good at saying "peese" (please), "yepeese" (yes, please), and "tankohh" (thank you). How can you say no to such a sweet little boy??

You love the "momower" (lawnmower). You love to help Daddy and Grandpa mow the lawn.

One of your very favorite things to do is to play in the car. You climb from the backseat to the front about a million times, playing with all the buckles and gadgets. If you honk the horn, you get scared and start to cry, saying "bye-bye beep beep!"

In late July, Daddy went away to Teen Camp for a week. I left for camp on Wednesday and was gone for 3 nights. We spent the first few days together over at Grammy and Grandpa's house. After I left, you spent the rest of the week having slumber parties with Grammy,Grandpa and Mollie. You had such a fun week with Grammy and Grandpa, but I think they were exhausted after you and Sissy left!

You love to play ring around the rosie. We practically have to hold you up the whole time, because you are always trying to fall down.

In the beginning of August, we took a trip to Colorado to visit Uncle Adam and Aunt Willow. It was your 4th airplane ride, and the first time on a plane since you have been mobile. You actually did pretty well, with only a couple minor meltdowns. You would not sleep at all, despite being tired, so we spent our time with lots of activities to keep you busy and yummy snacks!

You come and tell us that you went "poop" after you have done the deed. Potty training soon?

You love airplanes right now. When you hear an airplane you immediately try to find it in the sky. When you spot it, you point at it and yell "Airpane!"

You love playing in water of any sorts. The splash pad, hose, water table, pool, bathtub, long as it's wet, you are game! After bathtime, you love to walk around the house with a "towe" (towel) over your head.

You learned how to push a bike!

If we aren't looking, you like to pull toilet paper off the roll. When we find you playing in the toilet paper, you say "Uh-Oh!".  Little stinker!

You are learning how to walk down stairs, and jump down a step. You like to play with shoes, and are learning how to put your Crocs on by yourself.

Your favorite foods are waffles (if we ask you what you want to eat, you ALWAYS say "waffle!"), oatmeal, pasta, mac and cheese, frozen blueberries, frozen peas, string cheese, "fishies" (Goldfish) and of course your beloved "ba-ba" (bottle).

You love to play the game where we pretend to sleep. You hit our tummy to wake us up, and giggle like crazy. After we wake up, you say "peese" (please), wanting us to do it again...and again...

When something is off limits or you aren't supposed to touch it, we have taught you that it is "hot" You now call the fan, bbq, oven, coffee cup, warm food etc "Hot!"

You love to play with keys. One of your favorite things to do over at Grammy and Grandpa's house is to go get the mail with Grandpa. You squeal with delight when Grandpa asks if you want to get the mail. You know exactly where he keeps the mail key. You also like to play with Grandpa's boat key. You are always pointing out a set of "keeeys" when you see them. You are quite a Grandpa's boy right now. You call Grandpa "bumpa". Grammy has been working with you to say "Grammy" since way before you could talk. However, you still don't say "Grammy". You call her something different all the time, usually something like "Dub Dub". Ha!

Your favorite TV shows are The Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Jake & the Neverland Pirates.

When we pull into our neightborhood, we ask you where we are and you say "Home"

You are starting to learn your ABC's (you can sing a few of the notes), and how to count to 5 (we say one, you say two & three, we say four & you say five!)

You absolutely love your "yexi" (Lexi) dog. She is learning to tolerate you. You love to give her hugs with your head and nice pats.

You learned how to say "Matt" and "Cammie", I can't believe how clearly you say our names. Thankfully, I don't think you really know that they are our names. When I ask you my name, you always say "Mommy". When I ask you where Cammie is, you  say "bye-bye". When I call for Matt from the other room or something, you will yell "Matt!" too.

You are always trying to figure out how things work. You have figured out how to unbuckle one of the straps while in your carseat....not flying with us though!

You give hugs with your head

You were sick with some sort of virus right before you turned 18 months. Fever, throwing up, downright feeling crummy. It lasted for about 24 hours. You wanted Daddy to cuddle with you and watch cartoons...he was happy to oblidge!

Matthew Jay, words cannot even begin to describe how much joy and laughter you bring to our lives.
We love you soooo much!

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