Friday, July 6, 2012

Mollie, 2 months

Mollie Lynn you are 2 months old!

What have you been up to these days??

         You weigh 10 pounds 12 ounces          
You are 22 3/4 inches long
You wear size one diapers.

You wear 0-3 month clothes, but are starting to fit into your 3 month clothes. You can still fit into a few of your newborn outfits, but we have had to put most of them away. I can't believe how fast you're  growing and how much you are changing!

You still nurse about every 3 hours during the day. Like your big brother was, you are a fast nurser and are done eating in about 15-20 minutes.

Your sleep hasn't changed all that much in the past month. I nurse you at about 10pm, and then you sleep until about 5:30, nurse and sleep for another 2-3 hours. For about a week you were sleeping until 6 or 6 :30. I was hoping it would stick, but after a week, you started waking up around 5 and have stuck with that time ever since. I'm not complaining though! I will take a 7 hour stretch of sleep at 2 months any day!

You are sleeping in your own room at night and for your naps! We started this at 5 weeks, and it works out great. It took us me 5 months to move Matthew to his own room, and we obviously moved you out of our room a lot sooner!

You are always swaddled when you sleep, with a white noise machine in your room.

You wouldn't take your binkie for quite awhile, but now you really like it and it helps to soothe and calm you down. A paci baby like your brother! Matthew likes to steal your binkies, and lots of times we find him walking around with a pink binkie in his mouth. When we tell him to give it back to you, he tries to put it into your mouth, but just ends up stuffing it into your eye or up your nose, irritating you!

We call you "Sissy" or "Moll Moll", names given to you by your big brother!

You still have dark blue eyes...crossing my fingers they don't change. They are so big and beautiful! Sometimes when you stare out the window or at bright lights, your eyes get so big that the whites around them show! I have to remind you not to open your eyes so wide :)

You have a much more laid back, easy going personality then your brother did at this age!

You love to lay on your back, kick your arms and legs, and coo the sweetest sounds!

You are looking around purposefully, trying to take in this big world!

You are still fussy for about 2 hours in the evening. We are trying Gripe Water, but I haven't noticed that it is making that much of a difference. At about 7 weeks, your evening fussiness seemed to be greatly improving and I am hoping we will quickly outgrow this time!

You like your swing, and love to lay propped up on the bobby.

When you lay on your activity mat, you will bring your hands up and play with the toys.

When you are very calm, you enjoy laying on your tummy. Other times it just irritates you! You have very good head control, and hold it up really well.

You like to be held and cuddled.

At about 6 weeks old, your jaundice started to improve. By about 7 weeks, it was completely gone, and now you have nice pink skin and white eyes! Caleb was glad that you don't have "green eyes" anymore.

You smiled for the first time at 7 weeks!

You rolled over for the first time from your tummy to your back at 8 weeks! You don't do it often, but when you are determined to not be on your tummy anymore, you can do it very easily.

You got your first set of shots at 8 weeks old. You cried when they gave them to you, but that was about it!

You love to stare at the lights on the TV. You especially like it when your big brother is watching his cartoons in the morning.

You have an umbilical hernia.

One of the sweetest, most tender moments I have experienced as a mom was when you first smiled at your big brother. One morning, you were sleeping in your crib and Matthew was already awake. When you woke up, we went up to get you. Matthew wanted to get into your crib, so I put him in it. He squatted down next to you and said "Hi!" and you gave him the biggest, cutest grin. I love to see you two start to interact.

Mollie Lynn, you are growing and changing everyday! You are becoming so much more interactive! You are such a sweet, content and easy baby. I am so blessed to call you my daughter!

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