Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ocean Shores

We had an amazing time camping with our family over
Labor Day weekend!
I know, I know, Labor Day was almost 2 months ago...better late then never, right?

Anyways, we had a blast camping in Ocean Shores with Amy, Kevin and the boys, & David and Michele. I can't say enough how thankful I am that my family is not only my family, but some of my very closest friends!

Baby Matthew did great considering he was 6 months old and went camping for the first time! The only rough times were during the night. (go figure!) He would wake up a couple of times a night and cry. Obviously, since we were camping and were surrounded by other campers, and also sharing the tent with David and Michele, we didn't let him cry himself back to sleep. So I ended up nursing him in the middle of the night, and Matthew ended up sleeping on our air matress for most of the night. Other then being just a little tired in the morning, we had such a memorable trip!

Here are some highlights from our camping adventures...

Don't worry, this isn't just our stuff. David and Michele rode with us.
 To say our car was slightly overpacked is an understatement! Stuff was jammed in EVERYWHERE!

We had campfires every morning and night. Of course, we roasted marshmallows and even tried popcorn over the fire. We let David try his popcorn first. After he ruined his, we learned how to pop the popcorn without catching it on fire....we shared though!

 Caleb and Landon were very excited to go camping for the first time! They are at SUCH a fun age, but are growing up way too fast! I love my nephews so much, and had a blast with them this weekend!


At night it got really cold, but during the day, the weather was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! (just like my baby boy!)
Landon is such a sleeper,so waking up early and staying up late was a bit rough for him at times. He was  tired and a bit cranky and needed a shoulder ride from Uncle Matt! I was still able to get a smile though!

As always, Matthew LOVED the swing... much that it put him to sleep! Too cute!

Our friends Walter & Vil and their 2 kiddos were also in Ocean Shores, so we got to spend the day with them! This picture cracks me up! Leslie got a little wet...

I don't think Amy wanted to get wet...

Michele and the boys putt-putt golfing! 

We spent lots of time playing at the beach!

Matthew absolutely adores his cousin Caleb! Caleb loves baby Matthew too, and is so sweet with him! I think Caleb was teaching Matthew how to play Rhino-fino!

 I think Matthew would have gone swimming if we let him!
He loved the water!

Could this boy get any cuter?!?!

 Precious baby feet....can't believe how quickly they are growing!

 Matthew was fascinated with the sand, and loved playing in it!

 This boy cracks me up, and melts my heart. Love these pictures! I buried Caleb in the sand, and was able to capture these pictures of him breaking out! Too funny!
Family pictures....Kevin, Amy, Caleb and Landon!

David and Michele!

         God is so good! I love my husband and my baby boy SO much!


  1. Beautiful pics Cammie! Can't wait to see Matthew in a few weeks!!

  2. Seriously beautiful pictures...every one tells a story. Love the collages....and it looks like you all had a wonderful time!