Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uncle Adam & Aunt Willow

So I'm still a little behind on my posts, but I wanted to catch up on whats been going on at the Stevens house!

About a month ago, my brother, Adam, and his new wife, Willow came for a visit to meet baby Matthew! It was SO good to see them and spend time together! They live in Colorado, and we miss them very much!

Adam and Willow got married in Sayulita, Mexico on February 5th, 2011. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, but unfortunately, I only got to experience it through pictures...I was almost 39 weeks pregnant. Needless to say, our little Matthew Jr. was a little surprise to his mommy and daddy!

Anyways, we had such a fun weekend together....although, doesn't it always seem like time goes by WAY too fast???

We spent most of our time just hanging out together, loving the short time we got to spend together! One morning we all went to breakfast at The Salish Lodge up at Snoqualmie Falls. The food was delicious!!

Daddy even rocked the Moby wrap!! Doesn't baby Matthew look so sweet in his hat?!?!

Uncle Adam even got his first shot at a diaper change!

Uncle Adam and Aunt Willow, we love you guys SO much, and miss you like crazy! Thank you so much for coming to visit and love on baby Matthew! We can't wait to see you this summer!


  1. We love you guys too!!! It's hard to believe when we see you in July baby Matthew will be over 5 months old and possibly sitting up by himself!

  2. Beautiful pics cam! Thanks for sharing the wedding pic too! Looks like it was an amazing wedding! Love the one of willow and Matthew